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Installing Seats.



na mate is pritty easy i just got a kit with my recaro's when i got them, came with rails and all the goodies you need and dull jap instructions i payed extra for the set to go with the seats tho.
you pritty much un bolt the old ones put the new rails on your new seats and bolt the rails into the original holes!


It's a piece of cake if you get the correct rails for the 15.

All you do is lift the plastic covers of the four bolts holding the seat down, unbolt the four bolts holding down the seats and remove from the car (usually easy at this point to fold them forward as it is easier to lift out). As a tip the seat will tip backwards once released so be ready for this and don't clock yourself in the head!

On the ADM S15 there is also a little switch that needs to be unclipped under the drivers seat which sends the signal to the drivers seatbelt warning lamp on the gauge cluster.

Then unbolt the seat belt stalk adjacent to the centre console.

Your seats are now free.

To install the new seats. Do the reverse of above - you will need to bolt the seatbelt stalk onto the inside of the seats before you put them into the car.

When you put the drivers side seat in just hook the clip back up underneath ( a cable tie will hold it to the seat springs up off the floor) before you bolt it down.

To make sure the seat lines up with the holes in the floor pan, don't overtighten them at first. Just use the existing bolts and finger tighten them to start off. Once all in and secure then tighten fully.

Does that make sense?
24 February 2006
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Not difficult... even pablo managed it on his own... so would say a small child could probably manage it! :D