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Instrument cluster illumination query?? Photo request??

Lil SpecR

2 October 2015
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Hi all!
When I picked up my S15 half her dials weren't lit up (most of the speedo was dead, half the rev counter, and I couldnt see fuel or engine temp, nor could I read the odo or clock at night!)
So I went and purchased replacement t5 bulbs, I put them in last night, and they all light up, BUT half the cluster still isn't illuminated!
Below is a photo of how it looks now, dont get me wrong its a lot better lit that it was before, but there are still black patches from 60-130mph, briefly lit around 140 but black again by 160 on the speedo, between 2k-6.5k on the rev counter, fuel at FULL and engine at COLD - these are all still not visible at night! :(

As I said above (and for some reason seems to be the only suggestion on the facebook page) ALL the bulbs ARE working, I put them in whilst the ignition and lights were turned on to make sure that every one of the new bulbs were working. The problem is that the areas that are dark still are all areas where there isnt a bulb directly behind dial - which leads me to ask the question, should there be some perspex or similar there to help spread the light behind the gauge? I can't find any images of clusters that have been taken apart so I don't know if there should be something between the dial and main unit, I can't find any exploded images either, so I am hoping someone will have some photos somewhere of their broken down instrument cluster or even have any ideas as to why the hell half my gauges are completely refusing to light up :'(

Thank you!!!!!