1. T

    WTB: Half and half tail lights and Ducktail spoiler.

    Hi all. Is anyone selling Half and half tail lights and Ducktail spoiler? I can organise a courier if people are willing to wrap them up! Thanks
  2. Lil SpecR

    Instrument cluster illumination query?? Photo request??

    Hi all! When I picked up my S15 half her dials weren't lit up (most of the speedo was dead, half the rev counter, and I couldnt see fuel or engine temp, nor could I read the odo or clock at night!) So I went and purchased replacement t5 bulbs, I put them in last night, and they all light up, BUT...
  3. B

    5 speed conversion help

    ok so i need some help with my sr 5 speed conversion in my car and before you ask i have tried searching but couldnt find anything, i have done everything and the box is in the car and ready to go but have run into a problem with the tailshaft. i read that you can use the front half of a s14 5...
  4. Jaydej

    WTB: Rear lights!

    Hey guys il looking for a set of half red half clear rear lights could maybe swap for my rear ones, have a look at the pic of mine if anyone is interested.
  5. spoonman

    Postage Question for UK people please

    Ive brought some brake shoes and had them sent to my mates house which is in the UK, as the brake shoes are half the price they are in NZ. how do you guys go about posting items without it costing like 50 - 70 GBP? i just sent a airfilter and adapter to germany from NZ for $30NZD which is...
  6. JaseYpk

    Brand New Driftworks Toe Arms - LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

    Need them gone ASAP. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321055519603 Any takers? :)
  7. T

    Driveshaft + Half Axle Spec S vs R

    I am currently in the process of swapping a RB25 into my Spec S. Since im going to run aprox 400bhp I was wondering if the Spec S half axles are equal to the Spec R and can handle the power? I've been trying to find some information about if these are the same or not. Same with the driveshaft...
  8. D

    WTB: n/s/f inner arch trim, front half

    as above mines gone missing
  9. DeanS15

    Dashboard 'carbonisation' ?

    What do you lot think of this? Looks quite cool and well price but not sure wether it's gash or not??? I'd like to see it in reality an see if it looks good or not, the dash bottom half does look dull and scratch quite easily.... http://www.japperformanceparts.co.uk/cdetails.asp?ID=100872361
  10. CMR

    Fuel gauge / Sender issue

    Hi, I have a slight issue with my fuel gauge or sender, basically fill the car up and it registers full on the gauge no problem and will continue to register the right amount of fuel until just below the half way mark. As soon as the fuel level drops below half a tank, the gauge will drop...
  11. S

    WTB: rear lights s15

    im looking for half and half, Red and Clear.
  12. paddyb01

    half shaft torque

    did a wheel bearing on the car the other day just want to see what the big nut on the end of the half shaft should be torqued to??:thumbs:
  13. AllanOrr

    Spec R Half Shafts

    Hey guys this might be more for the ones running 2-way diffs over stock :) Do any of yous know if when fitting a 2-way diff if you require to still use the stock half shafts? :confused: Main reason I am asking is I am selling my stock diff but have had alot of people asking me if these are...
  14. 7

    Clutch/Gear problems

    Hi, I recently got a '99 Silvia and it has been giving me a few problems that I have to get fixed. When the car is cold I cannot get into any gear without the engine stalling. That's been getting worse each time. It seems as if I'm trying to get the car into gear with the clutch only half...
  15. 2

    half cuts

    does any1 know where i can bring in a front half cut silvia s15 from website name numbers anything that can help i want to bring in a half to help me with my s15 project any1
  16. S

    Full respray cost?

    Hey guys Recently I went to wash my car at a morrison's pressure washer due to the hose pipe ban. After getting half way through washing it I noticed my hands were covered in red anti-climb paint. I traced it back to the pressure washer nozzle and hose. Unfortunatly as I only noticed half way...
  17. S

    FS: Blitz R-Vit type II for sale.

    Hi all. I have a Blitz R-vit II for sale in excellent working condition. Comes with the Nissan consult lead and plug to conect straight to the diagnostic port. Plus instruction manual in half English, half Japanesse. LOL Will display lots of the engine sensors, and has adjustable warning alarms...
  18. TriniGT

    Carbon Canister Hard Lines

    Hey all I am in a predicament, I did a conversion on my car a while back and converted it from a kouki model S14 to a full running S15 both interior and exterior. I have recently got on with the engine and purchased a Spec R fornt half from Japan. Problem is that I am swapping everything over...
  19. W

    Best Oil Filter Removal Tool For The S15

    Please recommend me something tried and tested as its a pretty awkward place on these cars. Before anyone says it, I've already tried using my hands using rubber gloves for half an hour but didn't have any luck at all so gave up.
  20. xlr8

    s15 half cage

    well guys stripped out the rear interior,and id like to know do any of you have a half cage fitted to the rear.thinking of fitting one.here is what is left in the back,might leave in the rear board and speakers.some sound deadning,clips and brackets that i have to remove yet.photos welcome!:thumbs: