1. Lil SpecR

    Instrument cluster illumination query?? Photo request??

    Hi all! When I picked up my S15 half her dials weren't lit up (most of the speedo was dead, half the rev counter, and I couldnt see fuel or engine temp, nor could I read the odo or clock at night!) So I went and purchased replacement t5 bulbs, I put them in last night, and they all light up, BUT...
  2. Lil SpecR

    Dark blue going thro Stockton Brook last night (Stoke)

    Took the lad to see his first fireworks last night and being a tight ass was stood on the bridge, we were car spotting whilst we waited for it to start, and you came past sounding verrrry nice ;)
  3. Adam L

    White S15 with unpainted overfenders - Birmingham

    A pal of mine in Birmingham saw this last night.. Anyone on here?
  4. Jaydej

    Meet: Does anyone go ace cafe

    I havn't been in a good couple of years and I know jap night has been canceled does anyone know another good night to on ?
  5. Jaydej

    Dash light

    Hey guys how easy isit the change the bulbs behind the dash as my temp one is really faded and you can barely see it at night
  6. Krish

    What headlight bulbs do you use?

    Looking to change bulbs as mine seem dim. It's the non hid version. So H1's I believe. Seen these piaa night techs There are loads of others out there but not too sure which are rated highly. So... What you all using?
  7. S

    Had some pics done

    A friend has a canon 7d and is getting into car photography and offered to take some photo's, came out very good so i thought i would share them, photobucket has killed the quality as standard but you get the idea! Also bigger ones on
  8. dave_t

    S15 Slave Cylinder

    Well last night i jumped in the S15 to go to work. Pressed the clutch pedal down, and went to engage first gear. It wouldn't let me. With the pedal depressed fully, it would not disengage the clutch.not wanting to be late to work, i took the A3 TDI daily :down: All night worrying about what...
  9. J

    White s15 Birmingham

    White s15 birmingham last night by big johns
  10. T

    greetings from germany

    Hi i am Frederick from Germany i have got my S15 since 2009 hope we can share some informations here. by the way i am looking for some side skirts ! best regards Frederick here a picture from the last night shot
  11. E

    Meet: MissBanzai Charity jap tunnel run 2012

    Back for the first time in 2012 we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by inviting all Japanese car owners! Please read the details below and follow the donation instructions. *** Note this is for Japanese cars only - no exceptions.. Non Jap cars will be refused entry ***...
  12. S

    stock boost gauge light

    I have the spec r jdm silvia and the light on stock boost gauge doesnt seem to be working its dark at night :mad: any ideas how to check or fix this?
  13. Mark_D

    Meet: PASSION JAP @ A127 Halfway House (Fri 11th Feb)

    Hey lads :thumbs: Just thought i'd spread the word of this months Passion Jap meet at the Halfway House, Essex on the A127 There were some great turnouts last year and a whole load of jap stuff comes down from big power GTR's to scoobs, tegs, loads of s-bodies, retro jap etc. This a a...
  14. crazymat666

    little bit of trouble last night :S

    right so hears the problem was out last night and decided to put my foot down and give the old girl some speed and it kept sort of shuddering now and then but then when down our local bypass and put my foot down and it felt as if some one had gone in the back of me but after i slowed down after...
  15. LuPix_S15

    My Stagea + James' S15

    Hola, Just some pics I took last night after meeting up with JameS15 :) Cheers, J ...
  16. LuPix_S15

    Electrical Problems *GRRR*!!!

    Hey guys, Well sods law just as I sold the S15 to a mate yesterday (which was working fine as I'd been driving her now and then even in the cold weather) it seems he is getting all sorts of electrical issues since last night?! :wack: 1. With the engine turned off completely the Apexi FC hand...
  17. vinnie

    Happy Diwali To Everyone

    Hey everyone It's Diwali today (and Guy Fawkes ) So it's the festival of light. Everyone has to light some fireworks! I can't wait to light the night sky as clear as day. Hope everyone has crazy night today.
  18. crazymat666

    hhmmm oil light likes to flick on now and then :S

    i was out the other night and gave her a hard time and noticed through 1st and 2nd gear if i revved it all the way (not to the limiter) the oil light flicked on then changed gear to 2nd and it came on again then to 3rd and it didnt come on so i paniced abit and went home left it all night to...
  19. Feast Japan

    Kanagawa Style - No Name Hero's On A Friday Night

    Have been a regular at the Daikoku Futo PA for about 5 years strong now. Always bringing in customers cars for photo shoots, shooting the local cars, chatting up it up with the owners and so on. But never once have I seen a full on drift show like was seen last night. Sure maybe 10 years...
  20. L

    Open Event: MissBanzai London Charity Tunnel Run - Sat 13th March 2010

    Can't see this has been posted on here yet? Mods/Admin hope this is okay :) Back again for 2010, we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by inviting all Japanese car owners! *** Note this is for Japanese cars only -no exceptions.. non Jap cars will be refused entry ** The...