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Hi there,

I am very interested to view the car this week if it’s still about. I can do any time day or evening as I’m on summer break from working away.

I’m based about 40 minutes from Surrey so no massive issue for late notice as I know people are busy!

Hi Mate, I'm located in Ireland but will be in the Uk the week of the 6th January. When are you thinking of selling the car and what is the rough price
Hi bud - I got your PM but your inbox is full, let me know how much you'd be after for the diff! :)
Hi mate do you still have the hks exhaust? How much you after for it and where abouts are you? Thanks
Hi mate.
I've bought your S15 :D
Just wondering if you had the magazine it was featured in?


You wouldn't happen to have any of the plastic gear gator rings left would you? I've just imported a 15 and it has no gator and I'm sure your aware a genuine one is pretty expensive.

Hi mate I'll have that centor console. Tho could you post it if I pay the extra cost ?