1. S

    Wheel Fitment

    Hi all, I am looking to import an S15 soon and am starting to plan my build in advance with wheels being near the top of the list. I have read the wheel fitment sticky thread started by Jull and have also researched fitment as much as i can elsewhere but still have a couple of questions i...
  2. J


    choosing what alloys, just want to see sizes, could people post pics of their 18's and if anyone has any 19's?
  3. spoonman

    R32 GTR caliper & coilover clearance

    Has anyone got R32 GTR or R33 turbo calipers on the front of there car? if so do your wheels clear? the 17s my car came with clear, but i wanted to keep the 18's that were on my spec s,The 18's they clear using a 6mm spacer, but we have to go and fork out $400 every time you need to certify...
  4. S

    WTB: Work Emotion CR Kai

    Hi people I'm after a set of the work alloys for my s15 r that's on it's way over from japan!! If anyone wants to sell theirs or knows any forsale can they let me know please! 17's or 18's but good offsets Thanks
  5. NICKO

    What Pressure??

    My S15 is running on 255 35 18's at the rear and 225 40 18's on the front Was just wondering what sort of pressures people would recommend for normal road driving with occasional fast road too. Ive looked at that formula thingy on SXOC and cant make head or tail of that lol :nod: Cheers...
  6. pegliobaglio

    wheel size question

    Hi guy's,I have had a bit of luck and found the wheels I always wanted for my car at a very good price,only problem Is I am not sure if they will fit.I was originally wanting 8.5's but the ones I found are 9.5 et 35 18's anyone know if these will fit???? Think they may be too big:(
  7. E

    Anyone got a really low aero on 18's?

    Has anyone got a properly decked aero on 18's? Interested to see how it looks. Pics would be cool :thumbs: Something like as low as mints but aero kitted :cool: I'm yet to see one!
  8. N

    If i was to get these wheels !

    Hey guess just want ur oppinion on these wheels and if i should get them for my WHITE s15... and im wanting to get them black or bronze, what u think ? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=372411&hl= AND! should i stick with 18s? or go 19s? coz wouldn't 18s be to small ...
  9. P

    17" or 18" - The oldskool question

    I'm finding choosing a set of wheels one of the hardest things to do for an S15. I keep thinking 17"s would be better because: - Cheaper tyres/wheels in first place - Less chance of curbage However 18"s would be better because: - Looks better on bigger cars I stay awake at night...
  10. kimi

    My Wheels have come at last

    No pictures yet guys before you all start [ ming !] :p only had the call today to say they had arrived after being in customs. So its tyre time,,, i went for 17" wheels 17x7 front 17x8 rear. i did not want 18's even though they would have been cheaper! so what size tyres am i looking for...
  11. Topper

    Which wheels, in 17s or 18s -You decide (Big brother Stylee)

    Ok, as some of you know, my wheels are a 9j with +17 offset and stick out past my arches, so much so that on my way to the D1 last weekend i got in trouble with the Police and was given 7days to change them, so at the moment i am running S14 stock wheels untill i get new wheels. I really want...