1. K

    Replace diff? ABS?

    I'm planning an LS3 swap into my S15 and have a couple of questions re the diff and ABS. (Yes, I know, it's sacrilege, my apologies.) The car is an Australian delivered 2002 RHD Nissan 200SX Spec S (mechanically equivalent to a JDM S15 Spec R I believe). Plans involve a stock GM crate LS3 (430...
  2. B

    URGENT - need abs block bracket measurement

    hi there, i´m doing a LHD conversion and would like to make it as close mirrored as possible to look genuine. by this i was cutting the abs block bracket without making a measurement where to place the upper part on the new lower part. in my mind it was something like 10mm on one side and...
  3. L

    engine bay plug

    anyone know what the plug that sits behind the expansion bottle? part of the abs system? can't find any info on it and doing abs delete and loom tidy up but wondering if it can be left unplugged
  4. S

    ABS problem

    when hard braking the brake peddle becomes really soft as if abs is about to engage but then the wheels lock up like abs doesnt even exist. i have no abs light, not sure if the bulb has been removed or is blown.
  5. S

    FS: GK Tech ABS delete kit S14/S15 + fog lights

    For sale GKTECH ABS delete kit for S14 / 15, its brand new hasn't event been test fitted as I've changed my plans and therefore this is surplus to requirements now, its this one here: Stainless steel braided teflon lined ABS Delete kit after £90 post to mainland UK. also have a pair of...
  6. vancouvers15

    Speedo and Odo problem

    Speedo isn't working and odometer isn't accumulating. 5 speed box and using Power FC. Hand module also not registering speed. ABS light on, front ABS sensors removed. ABS Controller (passenger side of engine bay) is plugged in. ABS ecu next to PFC appears to be connected. Likely the VSS...
  7. I

    FS: S15 front knuckles with ABS sensors

    As title, s15 spec r front knuckles with ABS sensors intact. Dust Shields have had the lip straightened to accept bigger disks. £SOLD delivered Mainland For overseas postage, PM me with address for a delivered price.
  8. Dan H

    FS: ABS heatshield

    I've not had a S15 for a few years now, and recently found the ABS heatsheid I never got around to fitting. It's carbon fibre, but done in a black gelcoat finish, for a more OEM look. I'm sure when I bought it, Craig said mine was the only one done in this finish. The aluminium has still got...
  9. B

    FS: S15 sr20det abs module

    Works fine no need for it 50$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. S

    New to the forum

    Hi Guys, I've had an S15 pirate spec for about a year and a half now so joining this forum is long overdue. Bits: Advan RG2 Vertex Kit C-west spoiler (on its way) Bride driver seat Tein Super Flex Cusco arms (all of them) Goodridge Break Lines EBC Discs and Pads Bobs: Innovate Boost...
  11. M

    Does a kazz 2way s14 diff fit an s15?

    As above what way does the abs sensor work for the speedo Any help appreciated
  12. Johnny

    WTB: WTB ABS control unit for s15

    Hi, I need this abs unit for s15, check those number if You have the same one
  13. jake

    S15 speedo

    Any body know how to get and s15 speedo to run with and rb25 engine, gearbox and loom As I know the s15 runs off abs and I don't have abs or the s15 loom Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. FreakensNL

    WTB: ABS right front sensor

    I need a right front abs sensor asap Anyone ?? Don't know if s14 is similar...
  15. FreakensNL

    ABS... light always on and without bulb abs OK?!

    When I bought my S15 the ABS functioned as it should only the bulb didn't light up when the key is turned So I putted in a new bulb, but now the bulb is lid (thats why they removed it i thought, so no surprises there) and the abs is turned off :S Without bulb in the cluster the abs functions...
  16. jake

    FS: Abs heat shield

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Alex De Large

    WTB: Diff ABS Sensor

    Anyone got a spare Diff ABS sensor? The one that's at the nose of the diff.
  18. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone know where these harness plugs go to??

    Hi guys, I've looked in service manual in Electrical section and I cannot find what this connector could be, my first thought was it could be for the ABS computer since mine didn't come with it... I bought a ABS computer and the connectors are totally different size. So I'm lost at this point...
  19. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: Looking for 99 Silvia ABS ECU (computer)

    As the title says need a 99 abs computer (ecu) with pigtails, thanks guys let me know what you guys have
  20. Jay-pan

    Cable identify

    Just fully removed ABS from the car and tidying up all the loom. One of the cables that goes from the ABS metal block in the engine bay leads to the front passenger headlightand is plugged into a plug behind the radiator expansion bottle. what does this do? There's only one small blue/black...