1. Nicely

    Forum Downtime

    Apologies for the latest spell of downtime :( I again am having my annual fallout with our web host, this time over apparent high utilisation of our shared web server. Instead of informing me of this and allowing me a period to do something about it, they suspended the entire account, thus...
  2. J

    Turbo System

    Trying to find the cheapest/good quality parts I can for: Braided Turbo Lines Garrett gt2871r High flow manifold 3 inch Down pipe Decat Pipe Preferably all bolt together for easy self installation as I don't have access to a welder. Has anyone shopped around for this before and found any...
  3. Topper

    Crank Sensor - Anyone got access to the Service manual

    Anyone got access to the S15 Service Manual at the moment (I cant access from work...) Need to know if there is a Crank sensor, as well as the CAS? Cheers Topp :)
  4. P

    Rear shock top mount access

    This seems like a stupid question and I have tried the search facility! Just bought an S15, and wondering how you could access the top mounts of the rear shocks, i,e if you have shocks with damping adjustment or just want to see what's what. Do you have to remove the parcel shelf to get at this...
  5. Nicely

    S15 Owners Club forum for mobile browsers!

    For those of you like me who browse the Net and forum using their mobile phone, you'll be pleased to learn that there is now a mobile version! It should automatically load when you access the forum via any modern mobile browser. Of course, the option is available to change to the full site if...
  6. W

    FAQ: gearbox conversions (I have access to all the gearboxes)

    This was first posted on NS but the interesting people there locked it because I work at ALPHA OMEGA PARTS AND SERVICES and deemed it as advertising. Now that I work here, have access to a heap of cool Nissan things, and can help out, I'm advertising... More likely because the info you can find...
  7. R

    Open Event: Plymouth Hoe Event Next Year

    Hi There, I'm Ross. I'm writing to S15OC to let you know about an Event on the Hoe Promenade next year in 2011. The Date Not Yet Confirmed The Event will be a show and shine Event were There will be Trade stands and more. Anyone who would like to attend please put your name down on this Thread...
  8. JaseYpk

    Changing rear lights?

    Just bought some nice rear lights off Craig_m on here.. and im puzzled haha. cant seem to work out how to get to the old ones. i've removed all the fabric and such from the boot but all i'm greeted with is metal. and no access to rear lights!! help!! lol off to tinker now see if i can work it...
  9. oilman

    Bank Holiday Weekend Discounts!!!

    Hello All, From now, till midday on the 28th of August we have 10% off all products on our site including, Silkolene, Motul, Redline, Castrol, Denso, Splitfire and more! Dont for get to request a members area access code for yet cheaper prices...
  10. oilman

    15% Off Racing Oil at Opieoils!!!

    For this weekend only, from now till Midnight Sunday the 12th of August we will have 15% off all our race oils and spark plugs, these will include brands such as Silkolene, Motul, Castrol, Redline, Mobil and Denso!! This offer is only available through our website
  11. S

    Access to USS auction

    Has anyone got an access to USS auction web site? If so, would you kindly be able to share? I had one but then it needed some kind of key so I no longer be able to use them... I would be very very appreciated!!
  12. J

    Where to mount CD changer

    Any bright ideas? :confused: I can't find anywhere great... Under passenger seat: No room to access from front, would have to be accessed at rear of passenger seat (probably by putting the seat forward) Glove Box: Not enough room Rear arm rest bins: Not enough room (surprisingly!) Boot...