1. C

    FS: Garrett GT2871r .64ar + Tial 38mm Wastegate

    As above - £490.00 for both. Compressor side has been painted vht black. Does not include an actuator. My plans changed, going 3071, link, .44mm etc etc. No modification is complete without buying things twice
  2. Max

    GTX2867r actuator problem

    Hi gents (and ladies) I want to use my old HKS actuator on my new turbo, BUT the bracket doesn't fit as the compressor assembly is totally different to the standard one, and GT2871r, so I am having to buy a new bracket, and probably actuator. The guys I got the turbo off can't get the Garrett...
  3. crazymat666

    what are the symptoms of a sticky actuator?

    basically exactly what the title says :). im ruling out 1 thing at a time and wondering if this was the problem.
  4. fez06

    boost problem lack of power

    had a dyno at the weekend, not very impressed to be honest as its about 20bhp down. it seems to be boosting crappy only makes full boost at 6000rpm. had a boost test tonight on road and tried to eliminate the boost solenoid. with it connected it ran the same as on my dyno run. when i run the vac...
  5. V

    Why is my S15 boosting high?

    Hi guys, I have recently got an S15 and it's boosting above stock. I had it on a dyno yesterday and it showed about 1.1bar (17psi). There is no boost controller on the car so I'm trying to find out how the boost has been turned up. The guy at RDT said he didn't know the S15 engine perfectly...
  6. M

    boost control issues

    i have a tomei arms b7652 turbo on my s15, . im having a bit of an issue with boost controll. when i turn off my electronic boost controller i am still making 1.1bar of boost by 5000 rpm. with a forge motorsport actuator with 5 - 10 psi spring. i am getting the car mapped next week, so i need...
  7. T

    HKS EVC6 Boost Controller

    Hi guys, Can anyone here who has experience with these lend me a hand (Craig you had one right?). I recently fitted mine and turned it on, went through the settings as per the manual, and i set the boost to 0.7Bar, actuator pressure being about 0.62Bar. But then when i drive it i get a peak...
  8. Adam L

    FS: GT3071R turbo kit

    I've literally just removed this from my S15. I'm selling it as a complete kit so there's no messing with parts, everything is a direct fit. The turbo is a GT3071R, 56 trim compressor wheel, 90 trim turbine wheel, .50 a/r compressor housing with 4'' intake and .86 a/r exhaust housing. It also...
  9. J

    boost now fixed but other problems :-(

    boost is now working properly but when on full throttle it feels like it keeps letting on and off the power and sometimes bacl firing. then when i stopped the car turned itself off :-( ever since i gpt the new actuator fitted? what could that be?
  10. S15_SAM

    Turbo wastegate actuator arm problem, it looks bent!

    Hi guys I took my manifold heatshield off today as it was rattling! And ummm my wastegate actuator arm looks bent and the turbo butterfly swivel arm looks welded onto the housing. It can't be like this right. Here are some pics with crappy phone. I can adjust the boost and it boosts well...
  11. J

    is this the right actuator?

    hi, been told mine is playing up. i put it on the dyno at a car show it only pushed 236bhp and 220torque and boosting at 0.6bar :( was mapped at close to 300bhp and 327torque boosting 1.3bar, ive been told on its not a leak according to the graph but it might be the actuator. is this the...
  12. C

    Standard boost pressure

    Hi guys, Quick question - I believe the standard boost pressure is aroud .7 bar - would this also be the standard boost the actuator spring would give if the boost controller/solenoid stopped working? Thanks, Dan
  13. C

    FS: Link: Garrett GT2871R turbo .64/52 - £650

    This is for sale on SXOC but is a decent price and from a good seller. I have spoken to him and was going to buy it myself but changed my mind after a chat with the gf :( It's the .64 AR 52 trim version too - I'm sure someone on here will want it. It's 6 months old, 6 months warranty...
  14. sliding-r

    Achieving 1.2 Bar on stock actuator and Greddy Profec 2 ?

    i am having the car mapped on thursday but have just realised that the gain on the controller only goes to 100% does this mean i cant reach the desired 1.2bar that is wanted? is the actutuator 0.5 Bar? if so that means can i only get 1.0 bar from the greddy at 100% gain. will i be needing...
  15. W

    WTB: URGENT: T28 Aftermarket Actuator Bracket

    Only realised today that my actuator is all one unit with the bracket tack welded to it so in order to replace with an aftermarket HKS actuator I need a separate bracket. Anyone?
  16. C

    HKS GT Actuator Kit for S14/S15 Silvia/200SX

    HKS' new style GT Actuator is now available to fit Nissan Silvia (200SX) S14/S15 with SR20DET engines. GT Actuator for SILVIA S14 & S15. It can be the first step of boost up without installation of EVC. It enables easy and affordable boost up. Features ①Boost up without installation of...
  17. W

    HKS Actuators

    I'm just having my HKS actuator fitted today and my mechanic tells me it's body is smaller than my current standard T28BB actuator. Not sure about the length of the arm. Is this normal? The actuator I bought is for an S14.
  18. D

    FS: HKS GTRS Turbo (for sale)

    Excellent condition, only 3 weeks old, comes with hks adjustable actuator £750 delivered
  19. DOM

    FS: T28r

    I had this removed with around 52k miles, has no play. looking for £300. SOLD also i have HKS actuator £50 standard spec r manifold £20, elbow £10
  20. S

    How do you remove E clip on actuator?

    HKS Actuator question... Where to access E clip from? Top or bottom? What tool to use and how? I don't wanna lose it....