1. chico656

    Reverse light stopped working

    Can anyone help with this? Any idea what could have caused it or what I might need to do to fix it? Thanks in advance, Nico
  2. E

    Where to buy pads?

    I'm struggling to find anywhere that sells pads and disks. Looking for some track gear really like a ferodo ds3000 or something up to a similar friction level. Also after some plain disks for cheap. Thanks in advance!

    WTB: WTB Front xoilovers

    Hi guys Need a pair of front coilovers for my S15, preferably Tein's Cheers in advance Sam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Packham

    Have to floor the throttle to start.

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone has any ideas why I have to press the accelerator to start my car? Until I press it it just keeps cranking. Cheers in advance [emoji3]
  5. R

    WTB: Power fc wanted

    Hi guys, i know they are hard to come across nowdays but im looking for a power fc for my s15. Just wondering if anyone knows of any knocking around. Can be with or without hand controller. thanks in advance!
  6. chico656

    FS: Wanted, New front lights. Standard ones, preferably xenon.

    Please let me know if you have any out know anyone who died! Thanks in advance! Nico Rosella Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Tomei Reytec Software

    Hi guys Anyone know of anywhere to download the Reytec software? Tried googling but getting run round in circles. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Pikachu

    What's this in the ignition?

    Hi there! I was wondering if anyone knew what this is in the ignition cylinder? I'm totally baffled and refuse to believe it is a screwdriver, lol Thanks in advance!
  9. K


    How do I put pictures on my for sale advert on my mobile as it just keeps trying to make me type a link in if I click image? Thanks in advance
  10. O

    trouble with my roof!

    Hi there, I have a Nissan varietta with a non working roof! I'm really struggling to find a wiring diagram for this in English.. Can anyone help me...thanks in advance :)
  11. W

    Induction kits? Hks or apexi?

    Going to get a induction kit anyone know what would be better hks or apexi. Also is it just a matter of bolting it on and off ye go? Thanks in advance
  12. T

    Will a abs s13 vlsd pumpkin be a straight bolt in on my s15 spec s non turbo

    Just like the title states. Looking to upgrade the open diff as this vlsd is in good shape and very cheap. Thanks in advance for answers!
  13. JDM_virgin

    WTB: S15 cluster

    Hello guys and gals, In the latest saga with my car, the guy now thinks it could be the cluster... so if anyone has a standard s15 cluster they would be willing to lend me or sell cheap then i would be very thankful. If you lend it to me i will obviously cover postage or collect if youre...
  14. C

    Hello from Somerset :)

    Hey guys. So my name is Sam, I'm 20, currently Drive an EP3 Type R. Im looking at getting an S15 about match time next year. Who's got a few hours to spare to chat about S15's? ;) Thanks in advance. Sam
  15. John-

    S15 brakes

    I've just booked a track day on a whim, and my brakes are pretty awful. What's the best upgrade for the standard brakes? What disks and pads front and rear? Cheers in advance!
  16. K

    What front bar is this?

    ?? Is it Uras? Which type specifically? This one looks VERY similar but the left and right vents are a different shape. Anyone know what kit this one is? Thanks in advance!
  17. B

    Rusty rear arch coming through!!!

    Hi, Got the rust problem on the arches.. Starting to bubble the paint.. Any recommendations on who to go to in the southern / Surrey area? Many thanks in advance..
  18. Q

    S15 Spec R steering wheel diameter

    Does anyone know the diameter of the original Spec R steering wheel? Thanks in advance for any info!
  19. pegliobaglio

    Turbo rebuild

    Hi guys, Am thinking about getting my standard tubby rebuilt. My mechanic has had the car for the last couple of days and says it showing the first signs of wearing out, so going to have a look at it next week to see if there is excessive play and if so will get it rebuilt. Anyone know of good...
  20. S

    Where to get an apexi power intake filter?

    Was told there are quite a few fakes about, where sells genuine ones or am I best to stick to rhdjapan? Also are they all the same size? Thanks in advance!