1. N

    HKS EVC! Need advice on setup! thanks

    Hi all, I recently just got myself a HKS evc boost controller and there are 2 questions which i need advice on . 1st need advice on the scramble Boost mode. For eg, my boost is set at 1 bar and i wan it to run on 1.3 bar when on scramble boost. 1) So should i set it at 0.3bar for scramble...
  2. D

    Intro and advice

    :wave: Hi my names daz from teesside in the uk, just purchased an s15, pick it up in 2 weeks and boy is that gunna drag........... never mind SO the advice please - to all you experienced owners out there, DUMP VAVLE HKS? or other recomended and induction kit, HKS or Apexi or other...
  3. M

    Need a bit of advice to fuel consumption..

    Hi guys, i've noticed lately that my car seems to be using a lot more petrol than usual... my current mods are; turbo back exhaust, fmic, apexi avc-r, and 18's... ive noticed it more after having the boost controller installed, which is the most latest mod ive done to my s15. ive been given...
  4. Nicely

    Toyota Hilux

    Looking into getting an old Toyota Hilux pickup (Ute to you Aussies :p ) as a second vehicle to keep the mileage down on the 15. Anyone had any experience with these and got any buying advice. Please don't suggest a 4x4, cos I can't stand them and prefer the flexibility of the flat bed. I...