1. K

    Modifying my S14

    So i have a 1995 S14 running a almost stock SR20DET (Turbo-back Exhaust) Im currently making my list of upgrades and parts i want to do. End Game: I want to be making 350-400hp My current list is ECU Turbo FM Intercooler 1000cc Injectors and Fuel Rail Fuel Pump Pistons Con Rods I'm wanting...
  2. L

    Upgraded Clutch Master Cylinder VS Slave

    Hi All, I have upgraded my clutch on my 1999 S15 to an Exedy HD clutch and seeking some advice regarding improving the pedal feel. Do I: Upgrade the Clutch Master Cylinder, such as the GK Tech or Sikky option Wilwood master cylinder adapter to suit S/R chassis Nissans Nissan 240sx Clutch...
  3. M

    Wheel Size/Spec

    Hi, I've recently imported an S15 Spec R and have plans for the bodywork, which include 30mm wider front wings and 50mm over fenders for the rear. I'm not sure what size/spec wheels I will need, can anybody help or be able to point me in the direction of someone with a similar set-up who I can...
  4. Auss15

    Todays Milestone

    Today marks an important part of my association with the S15 owners club...10 years of contribution and interest in this great website..Where has it gone..It's been a fun journey of education and learning..Made some good friendships and shared lots of advice...The car as she is today, the...
  5. G

    Front mount intercooler advice!!!

    Hi there I'm waiting on the arrival of my Silvia s15 from Japan and while I'm waiting I'm buying parts ready for when she arrives but I need some advice on intercoolers my s15 has the story oem aero kit with the factory fog lights, what front mount intercooler will for without me loosing the fog...
  6. O

    S15 Purchase advice

    Hi guys, need some advice on a car i am looking at. owner says He is the 2nd owner (multiple owners because of irish tax transfer? I am not familiar with this can anyone explain to me how this would work or if it is BS) Does anyone on here perhaps know the car? Owner says NCT would not be a...
  7. R

    My S15 N/A

    Hey guys! I joined this forum a short while ago and have been looking through builds and just looking for general advice. I decided to put a few pics of my own up so here she is :) It was originally an automatic but was converted to 5 speed manual and had a 2way diff put on when imported :)...
  8. Lil SpecR

    Seats ... any advice?

    Hello! I've put some dc2 recaros in my 15 and I love them but I'm not 100% happy with them. I think the previous seat had an extra low rail or something because I can't get the dc2 seats to Flip forward fully unless they're all the way back, and they seem quite tight against the door cards too...
  9. C

    Rpf1 fitment help

    Hi all, thinking about getting some eneki rpf1's. sizes: 17x9 et 22 & 45 215/45/17 Currently running stock suspension but will eventually get hsd's ive checked will they and appears to look ok fitment. what do you guys think of this fitment and if there's anyone running a...
  10. B

    bumper lugs snapped

    hi guys was just looking for some advice the lugs on my bumper have snapped was wondering if anyone has some advice on fixing them its a vertex fiberglass bumper I was wondering if I riveted to thin bits of steel either side of the bumper and dried it through would it hold? all advice welcome
  11. Surfing Boris

    Rocker Cover Torque Settings

    Hi guys, I am having my rocker cover dipped and I have ordered new rubber gaskets and some flange sealant ready to put it all back together but does someone know what torque setting the torque wrench should be? I have read some advice that you should just use a normal socket set and go finger...
  12. langers

    S15 turbo elbows/dump pipes

    Hi guys, Looking for some advice on turbo elbows (or dump pipes if you prefer). I'm planning to get a Blitz Nur Spec RX or HKS silent hi-power cat back for my S15, but I want to eventually have a full 3" turbo back with a sports cat. I've found a Tomei Expreme on RHD Japan but it would be nice...
  13. S

    Battery Relocation, how to...

    I'm looking for a 'how to' guide to help me relocate my battery to the boot. I've had a look through the useful threads section and can't find anything there. I just need a rough guide so I know which wires need to go where. Also, I could do with some advice on which cables to buy (what guage)...
  14. LeddersD

    Got the Bodykit on

    Well it's taken a bit of time till the weather has improved etc. but 7 months later the original 2nd hand JDM aero parts have been prepped and painted and attached. Screwed in at the bottom and taped in the middle. Very happy with the sourcing of the skirts from Mitch, who I met in a car park in...
  15. M

    Hi From NZ

    Hey guys, own a 2001 Nissan 200SX in yellow for the past 2 years now Putting up a build thread to track it and get more active and into the online community to get advice and help on my build Cheers
  16. pegliobaglio

    Compression ratio for Pistons

    Just nailing down the final few parts for my engine build need some advice . i am getting 86.5mm Pistons and am swaying towards a slightly higher compression ratio 9:0:1 is there any solid reason not to go for this? Would I be better sticking to the 8:5:1 ? car will be running around 450 Hp I...
  17. s15Irl

    Another diff question!

    Ok guys, I've been looking for an answer to this for quiet a while.. I've done many many searches on here but no definate answer! Ideally looking for advice from someone whos done this before or some sort of similar experience. I have a sh**ty open diff in my car.. I have an s14 viscous diff...
  18. M

    Removing rear 1/4 window trims

    I'm looking to remove the rear trim round the rear 1/4 windows. Any advice how to do this without breaking anything :thumbs:
  19. L

    Anyone ever advanced timing on a type s

    Heard there is some good gains to be had any none done tho or got any advice
  20. D

    Newbie from ireland

    How's everyone getting on. Danny here from cork in the south of Ireland for ye who have not heard of it. Currantly have a altezza. Now that I've finished collage and have few euros put away I  Have been playing around with the idea of getting a nice weekend car, was looking into jab ae86, 180sx...