1. Cris69

    auto to manual conversion HELP....

    Hi i have found a s15 that i really like nice and clean but its an auto and for the price it is im not to bothered!! but i will want to convert it at some point!! i have found a gear box but what else would i need and would s14a parts fit?! i have sourced pedals from australia and gear stick...
  2. Nissan_S15

    Going to view a new car next week - Any Advice?

    Hi guys, Im going to go and look at a Toyota Supra Twin Turbo next week, as Ive always been a big fan of them and Skyline R34's. Main reason i want to go and see it, is that its an ex show car and was featured in Japanese performance magazine and looks preety good. Especially with 350bhp ;)...
  3. Jordan

    Rocker cover baffle question / powder coat question

    Lads, going to get my rocker cover powdercoated and wondered if I need to remove the riveted baffles from the underneath of the cover? one of the, has a plastic oil outlet which I believe will get melted to all **** when in the oven. advice please lads! I know some of you have had your...
  4. K

    Found a S15 but im not sure how too go about it?

    Right iv found a s15 for sale, but its in japan.....i am thinking about importing the car myself, never done it before, but i know some people here have done it, so i guess i am looking for advice. This is the car i am looking at...
  5. G

    Newbie looking for advice before buying plus does anyone know this car - T558 BDV

    Hi everyone, my name is Martin and this will be the first s15 I've seen/owned. I've had a skyline before but need someone to give me advice of what to look for specifically in the s15 and if anyone knows this particular car I'm going to look at...
  6. L

    new to all this

    hi guys really wanting to get an S15 very soon so thought would join up on the oc and look to see what advice can get what are the pros and cons to the s15 and is there anything should look out for or consider? cheers
  7. oilman

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  8. oilman

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  9. oilman

    Free UK Shipping for orders over £35 - Offers Inc

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  10. M

    hello from london

    hi my names mike and im looking at buying a s15 rely soon and was looking at advice on what to buy :wave:
  11. Jay-pan

    Whats peoples views on this?

    Hi guys, going to look at this S15 tomorrow. Already viewed it on the ramps and i must say its spotless underneath, real fresh import not registered yet paintwork is immaculate and so is the engine bay. Its the exact spec i want and the mods sound pretty good, just want some advice on the mods...
  12. Burnsy


    ..right need some advice please new to the world of nissan, i would like to know what rough figures the sr20det with stock internals can take safely. currently @ 325bhp 350lb ft understand that is the gearbox limit torque wise my gearbox is whining and i want it sorted, i know most go on for...
  13. S

    Hey all from Syd, Australia

    Hey guys, and girls. Just signed up so when i get my s15 i can share it with you all. Have not purchased one yet but have been waiting/browsing for over 3 months. As its going to be my daily and will not have time to mod it myself im goin to get one thats modded. Hopefully shortly one will come...
  14. J

    Buying Advice?

    Hello, looking to get my S15 in June, and just wanting some buying advice, whether to buy one here or get one imported (know ill have to wait a bit longer) It's mainly to do with what I can get for my money, and having a car which I can say is mine, being 'built not bought' as if I buy a car...
  15. S

    Advice on buying an S15

    Hi, I'm in the market to buy an S15, be grateful of any advice you could provide me, things like what I should look out for (rust on strut tops etc). I've got a budget around £14-15k which includes money for interior and exterior modifications if I get a standard one. So far options are...
  16. K

    newbie from south west england

    Hi everyone! :wave: cutting the crap out, i'm going to be looking for an s15 in the next month so thought i'd start in the best place! Hopefully you guys on here can offer the best advice and hints & tints for me as a new s15 buyer/owner... In return i'll try my hardest to help out with the...
  17. B

    Advice on an exhaust?

    So i've got an S15 1999 Spec S Automatic and I wanted to change the exhaust as it has the original double pipe factory exhaust. I'd like something that makes it sound a bit louder, deeper, generally just awesome. However, I have no experience what so ever with exhuasts and I don't even know if...
  18. H

    Big Hello From Surrey

    hello everyone. my names steve and i have always been a fan of jap cars and have been a fan of the 200sx since a younge age. (my older brother had a s14a before i could even drive) the time has come for me to start saving and looking for a s15. i thought i would join here as im sure you all are...
  19. G

    hello people

    hi guys, currently a owner of a civic fn2, had it for about 6 months and very bored!! have always loved the 14s and 15s and now my insurance is coming down im on the search for one!! anyone have any advice on wheres the best place to find one, what to look out for and what i should expect to...
  20. G

    New to the Club - advice for ECU chips and intercooler systems

    From Australia and new to the club. Looking for advice on ECU options and intercooler system for 2001 s15 SpecR. Don't want to create lag, but want to get the kw up to the 200kw range. Cheers.