1. vinnie

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Aero Fresh Import Arriving soon

    Right I know I've just bought this, but my contact has just shown me something else so I want it now ha ha. :love: Theres nothing wrong with her at all, she's clean underneath and outside, almost all stock. Hence why i bought her and up for cheap If she don't sell in few weeks I will just keep...
  2. JDM_virgin

    Horn and alarm wiring help

    Started to instal my horn back onto the car as I took them off when I did the front mount and need them back for the MOT. Stupidly I didn't take a photo when I took them apart. I have two blue wires with spade connections that I have traces back to a junction clip thing and I think they are for...
  3. Lil SpecR

    WTB: WANTED Gear Gaitor plastic trim thanks to heavy handed alarm fitter :(

    so apparently the guy who fitted my alarm was heavy handed :( the plastic part that attaches to the bottom of the gear gaiter and fixes into the console has had ALL its clips broken, so does anyone have one for sale? Vgc oem or may consider aftermarket custom gaitor so long as the plastic trim...
  4. relentless

    Central Locking is relocked itself

    Hi Guys NZ New S15. I have this intermittent problem, initially it'd happen maybe once a month so I didn't think much of it but it seems to happen once a day now and having managed to lock myself out of the car this morning I thought I'd see if anyone here has seen it before. So I have a...
  5. FreakensNL

    lose connectors?! 3 not connected

    anyone got a idea where these are for?? removed alarm and turbo timers and what not... location: fusebox next to throttle
  6. C

    Do you have an 80s alarm clock or a bong?

    My late '01 Spec S has a horrendous beep-beep-beep-beep alarm clock sound for door open or whatever. I've seen other S15s in videos which have a nice bong bong bong noise. Which do you have? More to the point, does anyone know how to stop it from going on and on all the time you have the keys...
  7. TrevorSpencer

    Factory alarm?

    Hey I was wondering if the s15 spec r came with an alarm from the factory?
  8. W

    Blitz Dual Turbo Timer

    Guys, I've just ordered one of these along with a harness for the S15. Just wondering if anyone else has this running on theirs and if it works ok with your alarm? I've got a Toad Sterling One alarm system on mine.
  9. John-

    What is this?

    Been doing some rattle hunting today, and found this wound up in my passenger footwell Could it be related to these on my windscreen? They don't seem to go anywhere, could it have been an aftermarket immobiliser or alarm? Any help would be appreciated
  10. Luke

    Key cutting ? Alarm issues

    Hi guy i started my car the other morning when it was frosty and shut the door and they locked with the keys in and engine running it took me an hour to break into my own car :rolleyes: while it was snowing :mad: haha because i found the doors had locked but the locker pin next to the handle...
  11. Jay-pan

    Anyone wired in a TOAD Alarm.

    Purchased an Alarm system was going to have a go at fitting myself but was just wondering if anyones done one and wouldn't mind giving me a hand? or bit of information before i give it a go. Labelled everything up and seems okay just thrown with the door locking system.
  12. JaseYpk

    FS: BMW E36 Parts...

    in case anyone has an e36 project on the side :) Indicators - £10 Side repeaters (for late e36) - £5 Badge... you never know! - £2 Some alarm system thing. Everything is there, never fitted. all paperwork is included. £25. Pretty sure it retailed at £90 when i got it.. chaarrrss!
  13. V

    What alarm has everyone got?

    Jurgen at JM-Imports said they could provide a Cobra with their cars but they seem a bit generic. What has everyone else got?
  14. J

    still got a electrical problem :(

    hi, basically whenever i put my indicator on all the hazards flash and the alarm goes off. i also cant set the alarm or use the remote i have to lock and unlock the car wiht the key. plus i cant use the normal standard key with the black box think at the top. i have to use the plain metal key...
  15. J

    electrical problem :(

    well i brought the car wednesday and everything was fine until yesterday. i was parked up and i went to start my car and pull off but it wouldnt tick over. The dash lights came on fine but the turbo wouldnt turn on. i then tried to immobilse the car with the remote but it wouldnt lock or unlock...
  16. S

    Security alarm?

    Ok iv just about had it with my car alarm, I'm going to get it ripped out and a new one fitted! But what to go for? And if anyone knows of a good installer as well in east anglia,:thumbs: Would like: total closure, boot popper, remote start, blackjax (have to enter code befor engin start, if...
  17. H

    High idle problem

    Over the weekend I installed an alarm on my S15. After the install I started it up and it's idling between 1500-2000rpm even when it's warm. The only thing I tapped into with the alarm was the RPM wire from the ecu for the remote start. I tried disconnecting the RPM wire and there was no...
  18. Sideways Simon....

    Couple of Clifford alarm questions

    When i bought my s15 it had a clifford alarm in it, its a clifford g5 arrow 5.1 have a few questions... firstly, what does this button do??? and , in my s14a i wired a relay to the standard nats alarm, in order to use the fob to lock the car while the turbo timer was running, so how can i get...
  19. Fasthands

    Alarm immobiliser advice

    Hi people, I would like to pick your brains about getting an alarm and immobiliser fitted to my S15, that I pick up on Monday the 17th. Can anyone recommend a good system and a trustworthy fitter in the South West. Exeter Area ideally..
  20. sliding-r

    Alarm wont disarm or work atall

    Hi all, my alarm has decided it doesnt want to work after leaving the car over the weekend.. I washed it an put it straight away on thursday and havent touched it since. the alarm was working perfectly before? and the car running sweet.. Checked the battery its fine, as i jumped it across to...