1. A

    WTB: Wanted S15 Autech Type R

    Hi Guys, I'm on the hunt for a S15 - It's got to be the Autech Type R though .. Prefer white but if the right pewter or red comes along then that's cool. I went to have a look at this one a couple months ago which was for sale. It was perfect in every way, apart from the rear arches. This...
  2. S

    FS: Do-Luck Rear Arches

    Item for sale: Do-Luck S15 Rear Arches Description: I'll let the pictures do the talking. Installed on KEI OFFICE D1 S15. Reason for sale: I don't think I'll get round to removing my over fenders and installing these. Price: £220 posted. Thanks, Matt
  3. s15Irl

    Show me your.... Alloys!

    Hey guys, I'm in need of some inspiration.. I'm on the look out for a new set of alloys and failing miserably! I've had these Tenzo r alloys on for a while Actually only ended up with them after I upgraded my calipers and the Nismos wouldn't clear the caliper. I bought a set of r34 gtr...
  4. J0R04N

    WTB: S15 For new Drift Car Project

    On the hunt for a modified S15 to get me going. I have been an S15 owner before, so very familiar with required specs and output performance. Looking for a Stage 2 Plus car. Would be advantageous if it had a cage and tubbed arches but not essential. Bodywork can be rough (Paintwork) But must be...
  5. J

    Wheel fitment guru's ???? Help

    Before I go and spunk a load of money on wheels then have issues with them fitting I thought I'd chuck it out there!! Even though I'll probably end up getting different answers just wondered what people's thoughts are ok , so I'm planning on running a 18/9j et15 with either a 215 or 205/40...
  6. E

    18x11 fitment under stock arches?

    Hi there, i have recently bought a pair of Mae wheels which are 18x11 et-6 I understand that normaly people would go for the over fender route however i was wondering if anyone has managed to fit similer sized wheels under stock arches with a big pull?
  7. sibbers

    Mudflaps for our 15s...?

    I've never seen mudguards on a 15 and given the amount of stones they turf up it's kinda of no wonder our arches are the first things to go. Does anyone know where I can get some from and what they look like/how they fit....?
  8. Jay-pan

    Best quality and style wide rear arches

    As above thinking of doing some wide rear arches but only keep finding ones on EP racing. let us know what styles to search for or where too buy
  9. N

    FS: Dmax boot spoiler

    £100 didn't fit with my BN blister wide arches. New untouched.
  10. Parky

    Parky's Pewter S15 Spec-R

    Thought I might as well get a thread started, I bought this a couple of weeks ago off another member, very happy with it so far. There are a few things that need sorting on it but nothing immediate. It's not had much done performance wise but I'll most likely be upgrading as I go, no major...
  11. Jay-pan

    Anyone own ROTA GTR alloys on there S15?

    After the fitment size of Rota GTR alloys, want them to fit nicely in the arches without work needing to be done. :)
  12. Jay-pan

    Best way to fit wide arches.

    Every time i see a wide arch S15 i want one, so whats the best way people have fitted the rears? bit worried about cutting the arches but if thats what must be done might have to do it. Also how have people fitted them? Want wide arches like the vertex ridge.
  13. dave_t

    The S15 Rear Arch Thread

    Right, after a day of working on the S15 iv'e come to the decision of losing the rear overfenders. As finding oem rear panels to use the arches is a no go being in the UK, + stock arches offer very little wheel options, what other options are there? i have seen a few stock body S15's on the...
  14. dave_t

    Rear Wheel Arch Repair Panels

    The typical partial-panel that you use to replace damaged/rotten arches. example picture Has anyone ever heard of or bought some for an S15? I'm in two minds of having my rear overfenders re-finished, or reverting back to oem arches.
  15. S

    18x10j +12 offset

    How much work would be needed to run these on the rear of an s15 stock arches, wanting to know what sort of camber would need to be ran. Thanks in advance!
  16. A

    WTB: Under tray and wheel arch plastics!

    Hi all, does anyone who is breaking a s15 have the plastic wheel arch on the drivers side? Should prefer the whole lot including both wheel arches as I ripped mine off the other night on the A35 :furious:
  17. S

    need some help with wheel offsets

    Right. looking at some wheels but not sure if they will fit.with the offset they have. specs are: 17x9.5 et48 17/215/45 - fronts 17x10 et 50 17/235/45 - rears will these fit a spec r with rolled (not flared) arches or can they be made to fit with spacers? Thanks for.any help in advance :)
  18. S

    Arch rolling!

    Can any one recommend a mobile company who can roll my rear arches! Just brought some new wheels and the guy on the phone told me I'd need my arches done!
  19. D

    WTB: 50mm rear arches

    ok ive been let done by knightracer......again:furious: for the rear arches ive ordered from them, so if anyone has a set they would like to sell me there is cash waiting
  20. C

    9.5J ET12 on s15?

    Hello fellas, Just a quick question for you wheel gurus, i know that the s15 arches are smaller than s14 ones but would a set of Rota GTR's in 9.5 ET12 fit under standard arches on an s15? Or will they require a big stretch and a roll or flare? Thanks for the help. Cillian