1. S15AK

    Driftwork Camber Arms?

    When I bought my S15 I also got some driftwork camber arms with the car (not fitted). So just looking for views if its worth me fitting them to the S15? Will I see any benfit over the standard arms, and also is it a big job to swap them out...
  2. tooley

    Zillalife X Garage 21 Rocket Bunny S15 Drift Car

    :thumbs: ***Spec updated for 2015*** Body Vertex Front Bumper Dmax +50mm front wings Dmax + 30mm Rear Wings Dmax Roof Spoiler Dmax Duck Tail Wing Dmax Side Skirts Trial rear bumper Gusseted 16 point welded roll cage Dmax Rear Lights Tubbed Front Arches Tubbed Rear Arches Engine: SR20DET...
  3. S

    WTB: adj camber arms

    really want some rear adjustable camber arms for my s15, any brand doesn't matter too much Thanks Sam
  4. slammedmind

    Another wheel Question

    Ok so im starting a new job next week and for the first time in 6 months ill have a steady pay check. I dont have bills so im going to blow a wad on the car to celebrate :whistle:. At the minute ive got 17" volk gt-c wheels Front 8j +25 rear 9j +25 What im looking at doing is going 18"...
  5. S15RKM

    Wiper arms and blades

    Does anyone know where I can get some new wiper arms mine are ****e and well rusted I also want some silicon wiper blades I think Minto has some? Well any advise would be great, Nicely where are you,lol.:D
  6. P

    FS: APEX Rear Camber and Toe Arms

    Doing a garage clear out of bits - APEX Rear Camber - APEX Rear Toe Arms. They are both the bushed sets. Pictures will be added tonight. £180.00 inc recorded postage for the set (£238.00 from APEX brand new) OR £110.00 for Camber Arms inc recorded postage! £90.00 for Toe Arms inc...
  7. Roots82

    Oil Filter

    This might be a big dumb question... but how do you get it off? i can't get my arms in to it from above or below? Am i missing something very simple? (i hope so) :D
  8. S

    sscottys S15

    Hi guys! This is my spec s S15. I live in NZ so the spec s is a de, i.e non turbo, but there are plans in the pipeline for a +t. I had bought alot of the required parts but then crashed it at the Silvia NZ Mega Meet at Taupo in May. So the Turbo project has gone on hold and a mild widebody...
  9. D

    FS: S14/S15 parts

    Few bits i no longer need. S14/S15 HKS step 3 272 cams €260 S14/S15 Front downpipe €60 S14/S15 Xs Power performance backbox €130 S13 Rear adjustable camber arms €60 Also few S15 interior bits. Delivery can be arranged. Thanks Derek
  10. J

    Alignment setting

    I will be booking in for a full 4 wheels alignment soon and wants to use the Whiteline fast road setting. Do you need the adjustable camber arms to get those setting? my car is lowered about 20mm on Nismo S-tune suspension.
  11. S

    rear camber upper arms for s15

    hey guys another question from me =) i was out searching for rear camber arms for my s15 since purchasing coilovers. my rear camber is on -2.5 and -2.7 T_T anyway the real question is. i had a quick look on sponsers and they sell stuff from cusco for like 450aud a pair? and now...
  12. ichi-go

    ichi-go's 99 JDM White S15

    ichi-go's 99 JDM White S15 **UPDATE 10/04** Hi everyone, Just thought I'll post up my ride. Will update this as I go. When I first got the car Interior of the car, abit riced up from the previous owner Against everyone's disagreement, I went and took out the defis because I dont feel the...
  13. Topper

    Toppers S15

    Full Car Spec - ENGINE: - Apexi Z32 Pod - Z32 AFM - Blitz FMIC - HKS SSQV with Re-Circ adapter - Greddy Profec B Spec II set to 1bar (Low) & 1.2bar (Hi) - SS Apex Hotpipe - Walbro Fuel Pump - Nismo 740's - IK24 spark plug - Custom chip & re-map by Horsham Developments EXHAUST: - Japanese...