1. Sideways Simon....

    WTB: Wanted: DW s14/s15 camber & toe arms

    As above, looking for a set of s14/s15 camber and toe arms. does anybody have a set that there selling...??? excellent condition is a must. Otherwise ill just buy direct from Dw
  2. D

    FS: Coilovers, suspension arms, Fuel pressure regulator

    Tein Superstreet Coilovers, low mileage no knocks, good topmounts - £400 Driftworks front lower arms, barely used, maybe 300 miles - £200 SARD fuel pressure regulator - £50 All plus postage, and open to offers as always :)
  3. S

    FS: skyline gts-t brakes,Exedy hyper clutch/fly,HSD HR coilovers,Full driftworks arms...

    My S15 is now sold, including the rear spats, skirts and spoiler... These are all the parts I was planning to put on the car... now up for sale 1) DRIFTWORKS ADJUSTABLE ARMS PACKAGE, INCLUDING SOLID SUBFRAME BUSHES. £870. rrp £980 (Provisionally sold) Driftworks adjustable TOE arms, NEW IN...
  4. S

    FS: Nissan S15 Silvia Spec-R, with rare factory options and a new MOT... going cheap!!

    The car is now sold, including the rear spats, skirts and spoiler... :( I still have, 1) DRIFTWORKS SUSPENSION PACKAGE. Driftworks adjustable TOE arms, NEW IN THE BOX. Driftworks adjustable TRACTION arms, NEW IN THE BOX. Driftworks adjustable CAMBER arms, NEW IN THE BOX...
  5. N

    Gtr-d wheel size

    Anyone know the best size to get for maximum dish? Looking 9.5j et30 with standard arches, camber arms and 225 tyres. Don't really want to do spacers
  6. justin666

    FS: UNUSED Driftworks Toe Control Arms *Brand new"!!!

    As per title, Brand new unused DW Toe control arms to fit S14/14a/s15. Think these also fit the s13 with the other set of supplied bearings but not 100% so sure someone will clarify. Bought these a while back when I have MASSIVE plans for the S15 but my aspirations for the car since then...
  7. R-Spec

    Camber arms or not camber arms!!

    So I just skimped and bought some camber arms (that can go with track arms I got a while ago) and having got under the car and reminded myself what it looks like....they're going to be "Camber and loads of toe in" arms aren't they?!!?!? (without the other top arms to sort it out):mad: Trades...
  8. R

    FS: FOR SALE: Driftworks rear camber arms & toe arms.

    DRIFTWORKS REAR CAMBER ARMS & TOE ARMS Never fitted these, Very good condition, €200
  9. Fruitbooter

    Subframe arms

    In the process of taking everything off and just before I bag up the bolts and separate the arms can someone just tell me what each one is. 1. Lower arms? 2. Toe? 3. Camber arms? 4. Traction? Please correct accordingly :D
  10. pegliobaglio

    Peglio's vertex edge edition

    just realised i never started one of these. Had the car for about a year now,when i bought the car i had quite a few problem ,some that are still being set right now,but i bought the car with the intention of it being a project so its all good. first thing got the car home to realise it was...
  11. adz87kc

    torquing up rear alignment arms

    Hey guys, i know a couple of you have done the same job as i'm in the middle of- poly bushing (etc) the rear subframe. Now in the next day or two i'm -hopefully- going to be fitting my new bushed alignment arms i got from Apex. Someone told me that they need to be torqued up with load on them...
  12. R

    FS: S15 Standaard front lower and rear lower arms

    For sale standaard front and rear lower arms for the S15, let my now Greetz ron
  13. S

    My S15 Spec s

    Well most of the irish lads might know this car already its barnes old s15 How i bought it: Was standard enough apart from the wheels and lights First job was to get her lower so bought a set of HSD TT coilovers and a set of driftworks camber and toe arms, Dont think the arms were in...
  14. DeanS15

    underbody colour scheme (for the truly anal owner) lol

    i need to get some opinions from you lot, when i have all the chassis parts blasted up over the winter i need to decide on colours, as it costs no more to bling everything up than it does to have it re-done in black.... anyway, i've taken this guys project as the inspiration, but i think its a...
  15. Y

    Coilovers, its all a bit new to me.

    Basically in a previous thread I mentioned I bought 18” alloys only to find out my suspension wont take them. So i want to run 18x8.5/18x9.5 8.5J ET20 and 9.5J ET30 With 225 40 but preferable 225 45s tyres cause of irish roads. Long story short im going to buy coilovers and just want...
  16. andeep

    Andeep's 1999 Silvia Spec R "S15 FTW"

    Hey guys! Well since all the cool kids have one of these threads, I thought I would do one too! Well the car came from Japan very standard, only had the following: Airfilter No name exhaust Turbo Timer Boost Controller Well have just been building up the car to drift spec over the past 6...
  17. C

    TOMEI ARMS M7960 & M8270 tubo kit . NEW RELEASE

    The new TOMEI ARMS turbo kits are due to be released by the end of the month. There are 2 different units : a) TOMEI ARMS M7960 which is rated at about 400HP and with characteristiks of low-mid torque range. Maxi boost is achieved b the 4000rpm and is suitable for race street tuned cars and...
  18. Q

    Ryan's ADM Black s15

    Ryan's 2001 Black s15 Australian Spec S This is my s15. I've kept it pretty simple as the car is my daily driver for work; its pretty easy to drive on the street as with the stock kit it still high enough to drive anywhere. The whole car has been built at home with a mix of custom fabbed and...
  19. andeep

    Suspension overhaul

    Gonna be overhauling my suspension soon with the following bits: HSD HR Coilovers 8/6kg spring rates Driftworks Rose Jointed Front Tension Arms Driftworks Rose Jointed Rear Camber Arms Driftworks Rose Jointed Rear Toe Arms Driftworks Rose Jointed Rear Traction Arms Driftworks Front Lower Bushes...
  20. - 0h -

    My 99 S15 Spec S

    Here is my pride and joy and daily driven car. S15 Spec S SR20 de 6 Spd manual conversion Full Uras Bodykit Roof and Rear D-Max spoilers BC gold suspension adjustable front caster arms adjustable rear camer arms Autogauge smoke series gauges - Oil temp, Water temp, Vacuum and Oil pressure 18 x...