1. spoonman

    A real review of chinese made suspention arms

    I though i would post this feed back about the adjustable arms we put in our cars, thinking they are cheep crap and you get what you pay for and all that bla bla. 4 years ago i purchased camber and toe arms, for $180 a pair. Only now in the last month have the ball or rose joints started to...
  2. Lloyd_SR20

    FS: Japspeed S15 rear adjustable Camber Arms *Group Buy*

    I am starting a group buy for S15 adjustable rear camber arms. we need a MINIMUM of 5 people. these retail at £125. if we get 5 people for these they can be got for £100, cheap for a set of rear camber arms. this INCLUDES shipping to Republic of Ireland & UK from my door. Please place...
  3. Jaydej

    Rear camber bolts?

    I've been looking around and can only find fronts is there such thing as camber bolt for the rear or do the fronts work on the rear? i could get arms but for what I want the bolts will be the best option for me
  4. billy_t15

    FS: Tension arms

    For sale Fully adjustable front tension arms in a good useable condition rose joints need a good greasing when fitting £60 ono pics on request
  5. John-

    HSD Monopro Vs Dualtech

    Which would be better for a fast road setup? Or is there anything better for the money? Would I need to buy ajustable arms to get the alignment done well? Cheers, John

    Poly bushes & suspension arms etc..

    What bushes you use? It's one of my plans do over winter. Also looking at changing all the arms . Any good arms ? Other than using driftworks ones...
  7. Fruitbooter

    FS: 2002 Red Nissan Silvia Spec R

    For sale is my much loved S15 Silvia. It’s a 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec R. (ball bearing turbo) I bought this car in September 2010 from Torque GT and it has been a pleasure to own for almost 3 years with no faults or repairs and it hasn't let me down once. I had lots of plans for this car and...
  8. N

    FS: 01 spec-r shell

    Price dependant on what you want on it/in it. Shell needs work on drivers cill and spare wheel well as there's some rott. Can come with interior bar the front seats. Also stock suspension and arms can come with the car but really a buyer is better off contacting me with how they want it to...
  9. A

    Ebay suspension parts fro KKRSpeed? anyone know if they are any good?

    Hi everyone So there are some suspension parts from ebay link: which seem to good to be true. they are "steel"...
  10. Alex De Large

    WTB: Apex Rear Toe Arms

    Anyone got a set of Apex Rear Toe arms? Bushed not rose joints :)
  11. Max

    FS: Subframe and all arms

    Hi, for sale (in about 2 weeks) is my: rear subframe £100 all standard suspension arms £100 rear knuckles £20 S15 rear wheel bearing £15 (or the lot for £180) I have sourced replacement ones for a full polybush swap on my car, so leaves me with a full set. When I get home from holiday I'll...
  12. Fruitbooter

    Standard rear camber adjustment

    Hi Guys Can someone explain how to go about adjusting the rear camber on standard arms. I know there is very little room for adjustment using standard arms but I would like to see if I can improve it even slightly as I want to reduce tyre wear. I see that the bolts have markings on them but...
  13. Larsz

    FS: Nissan S15 Spec R 2000

    Hi, I regret posting this up, but im in for selling the car. I love every bit on the car, but since I am going abroad for work, I dont have need for this sitting in my garage, unless it doesn't sell. Imported from a forum member here to the Netherlands in december 2010, I have changed only a...
  14. M

    WTB: s15 adjustable suspension arms

    im looking for a set of adjustable suspension arms for my car i need front tension arms rear camber, toe, and traction arms, let me know what you got, cheers matty
  15. JaseYpk

    WTB: Bolts for Rear Arms!

    I need the bolts that connect both ends of the rear camber arms, and rear toe arms. As mine are siezed, and i fear theyre going to round/break when i try to remove them to fit adjustables. Anyone got some? Cheers
  16. D

    FS: S15 and R32/33 parts for sale

    Hi guys, I have some parts that are looking for a new home as I need more space in my garage! All parts are located in Hornsby (Sydney, NSW, Australia) with pick-up preferred. Please contact me either via PM or at if you have any questions or would like further photographs...
  17. J

    japspeed lower arms. help.

    hi. ive just had these japspeed lower arms fitted but no idea how to set them up. any else got these that could help?
  18. Larsz

    FS: NISMO Control Arms

    NISMO Tension Rods - Sold Nismo Lower Control Arms Front State: Good, tho the right front arm, is slightly bent where the Moog balljoint sits. Misplaces the wheel a bit. If you want only the Moog bits, i can press them out and will sell for E 30,- (~600km old) The LCA, well I will be...
  19. J

    Japspeed Nissan Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms *BACK IN STOCK*

    Hey S15OC :D We've Just got back in to stock our Nissan Rear Lower Adjustable Control Arms Adjustable rear lower arm kit. These lower arms are designed as a direct replacement for the standard units. Adjustable for track so you can either run a huge amount of camber or adjust both the lower...
  20. J

    Japspeed Nissan Front Lower Adjustable Control Arms

    Hi Guys we have in stock our Nissan front lower control Arms. These adjustable front lower control arms to fit the Nissan S13, S14 and best of all the S15 model, will eliminate the ‘play’ commonly experienced using the standard equivalent, by doing so this will give you a much more precise and...