1. A

    FS: Cusco Adjustable Rear Upper Castor Arms and Rear Toe Control Arms

    Hi guys. I have this brand new set of Cusco arms. Anyone who has lowered their S15 would've noticed the tyre wearing camber you get when doing so. These get your camber sorted with more adjustment. Brand new, never installed. Shipping from New Zealand. I'm after $500 NZD for the set. Will ship...
  2. J

    FS: Japspeed Toe/Camber arms S14/15

    I'm selling a set of Japspeed camber arms and super low toe rods. Both have been fitted to my car approximately 4 months, so they're in good condition and in the original boxes. One of the bolts for the camber arms sheared when I took them off the car but everything else is there. Sold
  3. R

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 2000 Spec R - £11,500

    £11,500 Nissan Silvia S15 2000 Spec R Current spec Induction: Apexi power intake Z32 MAF Apex stainless intake pipe Apex stainless hot pipe Apex type 1 FMIC Engine/Fuelling: Garrett 2871r 0.64 housing 52 trim with braided lines Brian Crower 264 cams Brian Crower valve springs HKS...
  4. Sandor_

    Alignment parts

    Might was answered before, but couldnt find the right thread. So I m looking to lower the car by around 25mm . What alignment arms are a must have? The coilover going to be driftworks cs2 so it has caster and camber adjustment up front. The car is used for street\daily\sometimes fast road. Can...
  5. R

    WTB: Boot lid, arms and hinges

    Hi all As title says. Looking for boot lid, arms and hinges. If anyone has ether or all would be great. Thanks Richard
  6. ryan3

    FS: S15 parts - wing mirror, driveshaft, camber arms, intercooler, cat

    Few parts for sale, all items can be collected from newhaven, near Brighton or I can post at an additional cost. Pewter grey wing mirror, very minor marks as you would expect on a used mirror, glass motor works perfectly but the Folding mechanism makes a clicking noise when opening the mirrors...
  7. S

    FS: driftworks rear lower arms

    i didnt use the lower arms i bought as i think its a bit overkill. probably need a grease up looking for £150 ono located aldershot. DSC_0119 by shifty biscuits, on Flickr
  8. Badger0068

    FS: 7twenty s14/15 adjustable rear camber arms.

    Brand new set of 7twenty s14/15 camber arms. Only been test fitted on my car but unfortunately they hit on the chassis as my car is too low (on air ride). This has caused a scratch on each arm but they are otherwise brand new and in perfect working order. After £100 collected from Ashford...
  9. S


    hi ya. Been a long time s body and other rwd jap stuff owner, finally got an s15 spec s. few mods on it already, pointless head rest monitors, stainless manifold and full exhaust. blitz filter on the cold side, grex oil filter relocation, coilovers, spec r 6 speed box, pretty sure its got a...

    Sam's S15, replacing a very tired S13

    Hi guys Thought its about time to put a build thread up Picked her up September last year after an excruciating 6-8 week wait which turned out to be 5 months :( Definitely worth it though :) She's a 2002 Spec R with a chequered past, wasn't registered in Japan for 12 years and has obviously...
  11. L

    Ikeya formula camber arms??

    Hi guys, I've just put an order in through nengun and they've asked to specify negative or positive rear camber arms?? I plan on lowering the car more and want to keep to a fast road alignment so I'm thinking I need positive arms?? This will dial out the negative camber caused by lowering...
  12. C

    Adjustable arms

    What are the best adjustable arms available on the market? Thanks
  13. J

    Wheel fitment guru's ???? Help

    Before I go and spunk a load of money on wheels then have issues with them fitting I thought I'd chuck it out there!! Even though I'll probably end up getting different answers just wondered what people's thoughts are ok , so I'm planning on running a 18/9j et15 with either a 215 or 205/40...
  14. B

    FS: Driftworks adjustable lower control arms

    Driftworks adjustable lower control arms as removed from my now sold S15road car. Recently fitted with new rose joints purchased from Driftworks Fits; S13 200sx S14 200sx S15 Silvia R32 / R33 / R34 GTSt and GTT Skyline models At the shortest setting they're stock S14/R33 length and longest...
  15. S15AK

    FAST part number for wiper arms?

    Hi Guys anyone with access to FAST get the Nissan part numbers for both the front wiper arms please? I was going to spray can them up as they are looking tatty, but might as well see how much I can get them new from Nissan for.. Thanks
  16. tooley

    FS: Part Shop Max Super Steering Angle Knuckles and Lower arms

    Hi All, Selling my old setup. S14 knuckles with the ackerman correction boss welded on by ashfab. I have done 4 events with these knuckles. S15 lower arms with strengthening bracing and lock stop removal. New ball joints (Last October). I have done one event with the new ball joints. No...
  17. Lanyard

    FS: Spec R + random bits clearout

    Got a few parts for sale, will update as I clear out and find more bits! note: photos can be emailed upon request. Will upload on here soon. 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec R S15 chassis parts: Rear subframe inc. spec r brace All rear control arms Front lower control arms £500 delivered...
  18. phillll

    Coilovers & arms

    Hi guys, just a quick one. Looking at getting some HSDs in the next month or so. Which alignment arms do you NEED/are essential when lowering? It won't be going too low, but I'm guessing rear camber is a must when dropping? Cheers
  19. fez06

    geometry settings?

    Going to do a quick geometry set up tomorrow as it feels all over at high speeds and iv never done it what setting do people have? Iv not got adjustable arms yet so will just be adjusting it on the offset stock bolts
  20. S15AK

    removing wiper arms

    Hi Guys Haven't really taken a proper look how to do this yet, but my front windscreen wiper arms are looking a little knackered (stone chips and a little rust). So I want to remove them so I can sand them down and paint them. Anyone taken them off before and what tools will I need? I've...