1. dave_t

    FS: MOOG K9820 Ball Joints x2 (Brand New) - S14/S15 Front & Rear Fitment

    Item: Pair of MOOG K9820 Ball Joints (Brand New) - in S14/S15 fitment. I can confirm they fit both the front, and rear arms. I replaced all 4 ball joints on my S15 with these MOOG K9820 Ball Joints, and i bought another pair for fitting into a pair of Extended front Lower Arms. Unfortunately i...
  2. tooley

    FS: Part Shop Max Super Steering Angle Knuckles and Lower arms

    Hi All, Selling my old setup. S14 knuckles with the ackerman correction boss welded on by ashfab. I have done 4 events with these knuckles. S15 lower arms with strengthening bracing and lock stop removal. New ball joints (Last October). I have done one event with the new ball joints. No...
  3. dave_t

    S14/S15 Front & Rear Ball Joints - The Same Part No.?

    Right, i am currently gathering parts for a full chassis refresh, and want to replace both the front and rear ball joints. Now i have found the MOOG front ball joints,
  4. C

    WTB: Turbo

    My turbo went south need a new one, must be the ball bearing one, what you got fellas?
  5. C

    Another Scottish Noobie

    Hi there everyone, I'm Alex from Stirling in Scotland. I'm currently in working with Mike from Torque GT to import a spec R with a aero kit in any colour really. As this will be my first experience of both rear wheel drive and turbo's I'm hoping you guys can share your knowledge and expertise...
  6. S

    hi all newbie here

    This is my first post on here and hopefully not the last :) so to get the ball rolling thought id start by coming in here and saying hi.
  7. Fruitbooter

    Help with split in CV boot and Ball joint question

    Okay was putting everything back together today and found a bloody split in one of the cv boots! Its not big as you can see here - Can I get away with repairing it with something like a puncture repair kit? Or is it a new boot job? Ive never changed a cv boot before and really dont want...
  8. C

    WTB: Front or rear lower ball joint

    I managed to split the rubber on a ball joint so need another one urgently! If anyone has a MOOG ball joint that I can buy or borrow (use and replace at a later date), please let me know! I'll pay postage etc and a drink for your inconvenience! Front and rear ball joints are the same so either...
  9. specr

    turbo rebuild

    can the ball bearing turbo be rebuilt thanks again
  10. s15wideass

    Ball joints, S15/S14 the same?

    Hi, i'm looking for a bottom ball joint for the front passenger side of my s15. just wondering if anyone knows if an s14 one will fit? I was in a nissan dealer today and it's 380euro for an s15 ball joint :( , 50euro for an s14 one on ebay.
  11. S

    moog ball joints

    i got a dead front one so i think its time to stock up anybody know the cheapest place>?
  12. D

    Front lower ball joints.

    S15 front lower ball joints are the same as S14 ones... for anyone wanting/needing to change the these.... you WILL need to remove the whole bottom arm and use a press! they won't just simply hammer out. It too 4 tones of pressure to remove mine today. Really, should've got some pictures of...
  13. S

    Cusco Adjustable Pillow Ball Tension Rods & Nismo Steering rack bushs

    hihi 1) just wondering if anyone has installed the above parts and can give any comments at all. im looking to improve the turn-in of the s15. already have tower bars on top and anti-roll bars at the bottom but not helping all that much. 2) Cusco Adjustable Pillow Ball Tension Rods: is this...
  14. T

    WTB: S15 BB Turbo

    As above. Wanting a S15 Ball Bearing T28