1. F

    Insurance on an import?

    Hello everyone, I’m interested in importing a Silvia s15 through torque gt this time next year and I’m wondering how everyone sorted out their insurance? Did you just wait until the car came and bit the bullet on whatever the price was, did you look at other s15’s for quotes? I ask because I’ll...
  2. S


    I have been looking through the forum but can’t find an exact answer. I would like to keep metal wings and rear arches standard with no roll or a tiny bit. In 17” what’s the best offsets and j for front a rear? Thanks in advance guys 👍
  3. A

    WTB: Few bits

    Hy guys I a man after few bits close to West Sussex as possible so I can collect blue bonnet blue spoileress boit lid passengerside seatbelt clip in bit with the sensor wire connector also exhaust heat shield many thanks
  4. Saxon

    WTB: Stock Air Intake

    Hi all, Looking for a stock air intake, in particular the snorkel bit at the front. I have the stock airbox but it only has a small bit of pipe coming out of it facing the bonnet which the snorkel piece attaches to. Cheers!
  5. langers

    Best place to buy Ferodo DS2500?

    As the title stats, where is the best place to get these pads? There's a few on eBay, but eBay is full of fakes so I'm a bit hesitant to order off there. Also will s14 pads fit the s15 calipers?
  6. jake

    Maf problem

    So I was driving my s15 rb25 for the the first time to day since the conversation Drove it from Portsmouth back to basingstoke then round basingstoke for a bit so about an hour and a half work of driving with no problems at all The was driving to work witch is in hook so about another 20mins...
  7. C


    I'm interested in importing an S15 Spec-R hopefully next year. Does anyone know of any good importers within in a reasonable distance of Cambridgeshire? Torque GT I know have a great reputation but they're too far from me really, so if anyone knows of somewhere a fair bit nearer to me I'd really...
  8. M

    MorgzC's Spec R Aero

    Hey guys/girls.After a while contemplating (and maybe a little bidding) on Rx7s I decided to switch allegiances and get myself a silvia instead. Got offered Jason's15 car after posting up on Facebook and maybe even put a small deposit down before I'd even seen it...How she stood when I collected...
  9. B

    Hi, Northwest

    Hi, looking for a good source of information on the s15. Not owned one before but just imported this spec s. Im planning a sr20det conversion after I've sorted out some bodywork mods I've been planning. Maybe upload a bit of a project thread as I've never done one before, always bought cars that...
  10. C

    Back in the game..

    After a fair while off the scene, I've got my hands on another S15! This one is a little different to my last and a bit of a project on the side. It's currently unregistered so I have a bit of work to keep me busy. I've not registered a car before either so hopefully it won't be too difficult.
  11. pegliobaglio

    FS: Lots of parts

    Right so now my s15 build is fully underway I will be selling stuff I no longer need prices are open to offers and postage is extra unless otherwise Stated More pics are available on request Oem aero boot with spoiler £250 or swap with smooth lid + £100 Bodykit - uras skirts and rear...
  12. LeddersD

    Got the Bodykit on

    Well it's taken a bit of time till the weather has improved etc. but 7 months later the original 2nd hand JDM aero parts have been prepped and painted and attached. Screwed in at the bottom and taped in the middle. Very happy with the sourcing of the skirts from Mitch, who I met in a car park in...
  13. tooley

    silver S15 S15DFT ?? Worcester Wednesday

    Was on a work driving course and was behind you for a bit in a range rover. Looks sweet! love the plate.
  14. B

    WTB: Wanted - Alloys & tyres

    As above, I'm looking for a set of alloys for the S15. I'm pretty open to most styles - try me ;) Don't really want to be spending more than £500, however if the alloys are worth it, I can shift a bit. Could I also ask for pics of them fitted to see how they look etc. Cheers!
  15. JDM_virgin

    Open Event: JapShow Sunday 5th July 2015

    so who's up for this one? I would organize but I'm on holiday till the 1st of July so might make things a bit tricky :D but i will organise one sometime :thumbs: Forgot to put in the title its at Santa Pod
  16. phillll

    My Pearl White s15

    Not created a thread yet as I was waiting for more bits to happen, so here's the story so far. Grade 4B in lovely pearl white. Imported by Torque GT in October 14. I'm the first owner and traded in my EP3 type r against it. Absolutely love it so far. It's my first RWD car and my first turbo car...
  17. S

    Jamie - White S15 Aero From Birmingham

    Hi all, thought it would be rude not to introduce myself on here. My names Jamie, i'm based in Birmingham and i run sealed performance that some of you may know of / have purchased from in the past. Please give the facebook page a like by clicking here > sealedperformance as that would be highly...
  18. Barnesy

    Barnesy's Spec-S (for a good reason)

    So the story goes that my mate has recently bought a looking chassis with the veil side fortune kit for the Supra and we've started moving everything. He then convinced me I needed a japanese RWD beauty so I started looking and fell in love with the S15's lines (the only thing I'd change is I...
  19. Jay-pan

    Front headlight swap...

    Just testing the water got some genuine Nissan xenons, had them resprayed as the paint on the inside was flaking so were split apart and sprayed satin black look real evil. Was just wondering if anyone would want to do a swap with standard original ones that are genuine xenon as well? Only...
  20. Ajbulger

    my spec r bought sept 13

    he guys thought it was about time i showed off my car a little bit. bought it last september after finally deciding to put some serious money up formy dream car at the age of 22. up until this mycar history had been a bit risky ha. (saxo vtr, astra sri, rx8) <br><br>searched for a while spoke to...