1. S

    FS: Tomei expreme manifold and elbow

    Forsale tomei manifold, brand new in box, comes with all studs, heat wrap and ties and gasket £550 delivered Tomei elbow, brand new in box, comes with studs and gaskets. £150 delivered quality is excellent as you would expect
  2. O

    Speedo not working

    Ive recently bought an s15 and doing some bits to get it on the road. For some reason the speedo doesnt work, i was told it was working before but i dont think its ever worked. Im tracing the wires an came across this box new the footwell fuse box, can anyone shed any light on what this...
  3. Krish

    FS: Infinity Basslink sub

    150watts sub with built in amp. Quality kit. Good for space saving. Only got it in September but I want a bit more bass. Cost £150 new Yours for £90. No wires included and no box. I have the legs to stand in flat or upright. Collection preferred but will post at cost.
  4. S

    WTB: Standard air box cold air feed

    Does any one have a stock air box cold air feed for a Spec R? cheers
  5. J0R04N

    Garage D 6 Speed S15 Gearbox Strengthening ( Circlip Fix)

    Have final managed to get a price from Garage D and breif details of the modification :) They have tested the strength of the gears and found a few of them to be weak so these are replaced for stronger ones. Also the common circlip problem has been modified using a solid ring to prevent that...
  6. T

    FS: S15 Headlights, new in box

    I got a pair of new headlights for sale, new in box. Only test fitted once but ever been driven with. Ill take 549,- GBP or a good offer.
  7. G

    5 speed conversion trim troubles

    ive put a 5 speed gearbox on my spec R, when i put all the trim back in ive found that the gear lever is catching on the plastic surround trim (the smaller silver plastic part which has the 6 speed pattern on it) when im shifting into the lower gears and reverse. i know others have put the 5...
  8. Mike

    FS: HKS brake lines.

    Bought these from Sumo Power while ago, realising now i will never get round to fitting them. They're unopened new in box. £70 delivered.
  9. JaseYpk

    Interior cabin 'air/pollen filters'?

    Does anyone know if there is an air filter or pollen filter (for the blowers), and where it is? my blowers smell stale and i'm looking to resolve this.. I heard there is an aircon one behind the glove box somewhere, but the a/c smells fine. its just standard blowers that smell nasty.. Cheers :)
  10. F

    FS: Hydro, Bias Valve, Tacho, AEM Wideband, Coolant Temp, Lightweight Battery, Oil Cooler

    All prices exclude postage. Collection is fine from Warrington/Manchester area in the North West. Otherwise get in touch with me for a postage quote. Driftworks Hydraulic Handbrake - Wilwood master cylinder, Perfect working order - £90 Tilton Bias Valve (Lever Style with Click...
  11. J0R04N

    FS: S15/14 Intake box

    Have this up for grabs! Brand new and never fitted :D £50 Delivered
  12. R-Spec

    FS: S15 6spd gearbox

    Around £480. Has done 80K miles. Full working order changed as was planning the "circlip" mod when I had the clutch done so swapped for spare I bought. Has slow syncro on second (not that most would notice) and a louder than standard output shaft bearing but so's my new box :nod:. Message for...
  13. N

    Nizan-R OEM+ S15 spec R

    my new car S15 spec R Silvia its stock for now its auto for now i got it 2 weeks ago and its awesome mods so far Hi flow cat cat back 80mm exhaust with x force deul tip back box K&N flat filter to fit stock box .
  14. justin666

    Ignition wiring....

    OKies, you may have read about my small non starting issue but after alot of testing today the car is finally back up and running, altho, be it slightly bodged :rotfl::rotfl:. The non start appears to be down to the ECM relay wiring. For those that down know, thats the relay that sit behing...
  15. JaseYpk

    FS: OEM Air Box, Spoilerless Boot, Headlight parts

    More of a clean out.. OME Boot - SOLD OEM Air Box: Needs a clean, but aside from that is in top condition. comes with Nissan air filter inside (used) 3 of the brackets are in mint condition, the 4th is rusty, but still operates fine. £15 I have a spare drivers side headlight - an L-Package...
  16. - 0h -

    Autech ECU

    Hey all... I'm wondering if Autech ECU is a good and cheap upgrade for an Spec S (na) model? Since my car was originally auto and then changed to a 6spd box now... If i put this ecu in, would it make any different?? cheers
  17. B

    WTB: Standard Spec r gear knob!

    Looking for a standard gear knob for the 6 speed box! Thanks
  18. Fruitbooter

    Removing gear stick

    Just wanted to check a few things. Ive read Nicelys guide I want to remove the stick to fill the box up with oil so need to make sure all the parts go back together etc...from the photos it looks like theres all sorts of like...
  19. J

    HELP!! gear box and diff oil

    sorry another question about oil lads!when was out with my mechanic he asked me about the gearbox oil and im just wondering if anyone knows the best gear box oil for an s15?? i think its the same oil for the gearbox and diff but just want to be sure!! if anybody could help me id appriciate...
  20. AllanOrr

    FS: Z32 gearbox set up

    Selling my Z32 Gearbox set up I bought for the S15 as I will be putting a 6-Speed back into it to sell :) Comes with everthing you need inc master cylinders etc. Mileage 65000ish Havent personally ran the box on my S15 but was told no crushes and the changes were smooth. Looking for £200...