1. J

    FS: Full set of Genuine Nismo Decals

    Bought this from Nismo for ?90, this is the real deal from Nismo and not some fake stickers from ebay. Comes with the original parts no and box. Hence the price. It includes 3 pieces, bonnet stripes and both sides. Need the cash, so is up for sale. Offers please.
  2. 6

    gearbox advice

    well this is my 1st post so be kind please. so the 6speed box is ok to about 330hp once the 3rd 4th gear thingy has been change. is there anything elss you can do to make it a little stronger as im only looking at a max hp of 400hp? i have been told about a nismo box that is good for...
  3. S

    Hi, some help please

    Hi, I am about to get a 99 sylvia spec r and I'm excited. Is there anywhere I can find out what the limits are for the engine and box etc and what standard figures are. Cheers and great site. Keith
  4. TriniGT

    S15 Six Speed Problems

    Hi there I saw in a couple of posts mention that the six speed box is stronger than the five speed found in the 13 and 14. I also saw that the issue is with the circlips becoming loose and causing damage. I am living in Trinidad in the West Indies and currently have an S15 that I am upgrading...
  5. D

    FS: S15 cat back exhaust

    From my S15 (funnily enough :D ). It's a Cat back exhaust. Not sure what make, maybe HKS but not sure. Real nice quality, really nice sound, JASMA certified so not crazy loud. It looks like it was repaired around the middle flange in Japan (you can't see this bit ), and when it came over to...
  6. T

    GEARBOX Urgent Help please.....leman 6weeks away.

    Hello, Right my first biggy question that I need good info on. 1) About 2 weeks ago I changed my gear oil (sorry I mean that thick blue stuff called redline oil) in the box and since then the noise has increase 10fold?. I took it to very good friends of mine and both say that they believe...
  7. Topper

    FS: Touch screen Double Din DVD/TV/CD etc

    I have for sale the following - Innovatec: Double din, touch screen head unit, radio/dvd/cd/mp3/analogue tv tuner (additional aerial required to work), it has aux input, reverse camera input, cd/dvd changer input, digital optical input, rca input for video and audio, pictured below with incar...
  8. D

    fuse box on s15

    hey all i was just wodering dose eny one have the lay out of the fuse box in the car and the onw in the engine bay casue i dont have one and i dont know what each of them do ??????? thanx
  9. U

    andy's s15 (no mods yet)

    i just got her a week ago and im still recovering from the blow i copt from the insurance pay :( hopefully ill start the mods soon :) that wing and the reflectors are the first things gettin sold on ebay look this is too confusing to add pix in the text box so just click on the links thnx...
  10. E

    Radio single din kit?

    Hi, I just recently installed a single din deck on my S15 myself (comes with double din before), where can I can that single din kit (the black box holding the stereo and have a din below)? parts number? thanks. :confused:
  11. K

    gear box and diff oil

    ok i know this has been covered but ive done a search a cant find what im lookng for? need to know what oils to use and how much, also when giving detailsof oils need to know what nisan recommend as well as your personal recommendations, may be we could making this a sticky in the useful...
  12. L

    Air filters

    Right i'm starting to tune my car "finaly" and want to sort out the basics a good air filter. I've been thinking of getting a ARC super induction box Is anyone runing one if so what are your views? and what is every one else using?
  13. A

    WTB: WTB: 6-speed gearbox

    hey guys i have recently joined this forum and i am looking for a s15 6-speed gearbox. i currently have a 5-speed s14 box and will trade it for a s6-speed box. cheers edit: in Sydney, Australia
  14. M

    Gearbox Oil Replacement

    Last night I was starting to think about replacing my gearbox oil Ive had sat in the garage for months (Does anyone see a pattern forming here? :D ), but looking under the car I couldnt really see a way of getting the oil back into the box. What I mean is I could see the fill plug but without...