1. JDM_virgin

    Auto electrician

    Basically my car has been in a garage for 6 weeks and now the garage are getting the hump the guy who is trying to fix it can't and that my car is taking up space so looks like I'm getting it back still broken! So this is a cry for help lol, if anyone is or knows someone who is a good sparky and...
  2. S

    What cat back pipe will fit this exhaust?

    I recently bought my first s15 and it came with a spare back box. I tried to fit it but the joining points don't match up with the standard system. The Jasma plaque identifies it as "Ething KS" which research seems to indicate is a racing division of HKS. It looks like its a 3" exhaust. Just...
  3. O

    Oil leak from prop shaft going into gear box

    Hi Guys ive got a small oil leak coming from my propshaft where it joins to the gearbox, ive had a read and found that it could be the seal inside causing the issue. so I went along to my local Renault\Nissan dealer to the parts department and the guys was not helpfully at all as he couldn't...
  4. S

    WTB: 2x Glove box pins. (the plastic ones that hold the glove box at the bottem)

    As requested. one of mine has snapped and need another one. The little black pins that hold the glove box in.
  5. Carta

    Boost hoses.

    I had a profec B stolen out of my car but the bits in the engine bay were left. Now I want to remove these ancillaries but I find that the boost hose from the actuator on turbo goes into a little box for the profec. Where would this go if I didnt have a profec. Anyone got any pictures to help...
  6. S

    FS: Some standard and aftermarket parts forsale

    Just clearing out the shed and found some parts left over from my S15's Aftermarket exhaust back box in good condition with some scrapes and dents underside of box and some small scratches underside of tip £50 collected from midlands Standard Centre console in excellent condition £30 posted...
  7. billy_t15

    FS: exhaust

    HKS hi power cat back for sale full 3 inch system with slight scraping on centre box. other than that looking basically new the back box has no marks also looking for a HKS silent power if someone wants to swap:) thanks £350ono
  8. dudley97

    WTB: s 15 door cards

    has anyone got a pasanger side inner door card? anyone got a dash insert the wee box at the the left of the sterring wheel...
  9. NICKO

    FS: Daiyama/japspeed coilovers S14/S15

    I have a brand new still in the box set of daiyama/japspeed coilvoers for sale, box just been opened to check they were ok when they arrived, link below for full spec's 450 delivered
  10. dave_t

    FS: BNIB - Genuine D-MAX S15 LED Rear Lights

    Item for sale: S15 D-MAX LED Rear Lights Description: Ordered these from RHDJAPAN.COM, for my S15 whilst it was 'on the water' making its way from Japan. They arrived and have been sitting on top of my wardrobe ever since. Unfortunately i don't see myself using them anytime soon, so they are...
  11. DeviouS15

    Another whiney 6 speed!

    Hi everyone, ever since i picked up my S15 which was 50,000ks ago it had a slight whine coming from the gearbox. Over the years it got louder and louder, so recently i took it to a mechanic and got all the bearings in the box replaced as well as a Xtreme heavy duty clutch and flywheel kit...
  12. NICKO

    FS: S15 Six Speed Gearbox super low miles

    I have for sale a super low mileage gearbox that came out of the charge speed demo car at horsham developments to be replaced with a 5 speed dog box the box was smooth shifting with no leaks, knocks or rumbles etc mileage was on about 14k if I remember correctly but that's a mixture of miles...
  13. Ghost

    Extra wire

    After swapping out the engine in a friends s14 we had a wire left with this box at one end. Anyone know where it goes?
  14. Suspect

    S15 Hid Headlights

    Hi guy's it’s been a while. :wave: I am currently stripping my headlights down to give them a polish on the inside and freshen them up. I have read the two threads in the useful threads section but they are mostly focused on heating the lights up and the split itself as opposed to the stripping...
  15. Mike

    FS: Elbow mid pipe, wmic, airbox, springs etc

    Some stuff left over and my old thread was bit busy so. These are attached, I could take apart but rather not! £30+postage £50+postage Airbox £20+postage As you can see assortment of pipes, I can't remember which are which but I should have them all! Standard valve+limited edition...
  16. A

    WTB: WANTED : s15 solid flywheel

    thought id stick this up on the off chance somone has one lying about :P I need a s15 solid flywheel for a 6speed box, not a duel mass one and other SR solid flywheels dont work,
  17. M

    WTB: Japspeed back box

    Need a japspeed back box. Let me know what youve got Thanks
  18. R

    FS: 1999 Spec- R 6 Speed Gearbox, ACT Clutch - EVERYTHING!

    upgrading to an rb25 box so the following will be available from week commencing 15th April No weird noises, crunches etc etc... drove lovley.. still in car. Not sure if it has a short shift but certainly feels like one.. wouldnt suprise me as the car came with some trick bits from japan...
  19. J

    FS: brand new (never fitted) s15 front geomasters

    hi, im selling these as need the money to put into other things :( dont really want to sell but dont have a choice. £350 posted to the uk. never fitted and only just opened the box.