1. L

    Solid shift bush install question

    Hi guys, I got this far into fitting my brass shift bush the other day and couldn't get any further. Is this the seal/gaiter that needs to be cut to be removed? Also I'll be changing my gearbox oil at the same time so once the shifter is out I can fill it up from where the shifter goes...
  2. Jaydej

    Standard front control arm bush

    Hey all need help really bad does anyone know the size of the front control a bush Thanks
  3. Nickichi

    Snow Day

    Can't find my car anywhere, just about as bad as loosing the keys although im betting all the aus members here are wishing it was a bit cooler, a bit of snow might help put out the bush fires :D
  4. Fruitbooter

    Help fitting bushes

    Ive posted these piks in my project thread but just in case people dont look in there... Right I need some advice Im really struggling to fit the bushes in the rear arms and hub carriers Im following this technique - And the same to fit the insert - But mine dont go in so...
  5. S

    Rear Top Bush Gone?

    OK - this is going to be a bit random and a bit vague - but please bear with me! :rolleyes: When I was going over a speed bump, the people in the car behind me said that it looked liked I might have a rear top bush gone / going....given that the weather has been pretty awful - I thought it...
  6. I

    Spigot Bush problems

    Does anyone know if the S15 bush is different to S14? I have been struggling to get my S15 box back in it won't go into the S14 spigot bush I used. They appear to be the same but it's just not having it. :confused:
  7. Dan H

    Subframe bushes + locking collars

    I tried (unsuccessfully) to fit a set of subframe locking collars earlier. The top part went on, but the bottom part wouldn't fit up into the bush enough to get the nut started, even if I used a jack to try and push it up in :confused:. Upon further inspection, the bushes (well, the one at the...
  8. S

    WTB: Wanted S14/S15 Subframe Bush Washer

    have a look at this thread and basically I am missing the large metal washer that the nut screws over so that it compresses the subframe bush. http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?s...mp;#entry639823 I have attached a excerpt from the FSM and the washer I require is circled in red You can...
  9. Trial_S15

    Poly Bushes - where and who??

    I''m considering poly bushing the subframe in my S15 but I am a complete noob when it comes to stuff like this and I want to be sure before I order and pay for anything. I've browsed a couple of sites and this is how far I had come; - Front lower arms / wishbones x 2 (3 each) - Front castor...
  10. D

    Front lower inner bushes.

    Fitted some front lower inner poly' bushes today. (Apex Performance) S14 fit! With these, you need to leave the standard sleves in, so no need to press anything out.... easiest way to sort these... drill out as much of the standard bush, between the inner sleeve and outer.... then..... in a...
  11. K

    rear bushes

    ok started to fit the rear camber, castor and toe arms today on my car also paid extra for the whitline bushes, all going well burnt out the toe bushes put the new ones in no problem, go to the next ones, (camber) the bush on the hub burnt it out no prblems, goes to put the new bush...