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rear bushes



ok started to fit the rear camber, castor and toe arms today on my car also paid extra for the whitline bushes, all going well burnt out the toe bushes put the new ones in no problem, go to the next ones, (camber) the bush on the hub burnt it out no prblems, goes to put the new bush in..........to big, then i notice that for some reason on the s15 for some reason nissan sleaved the hole to reduce the size of the bush! :mad:

after spending an hour beating the sh** out of it with a socket to knock the sleave out i gave and grinded the bush down to a nice snug fit :thumbs:

seems ok!

anyone know if this is right or whether im being a numpty ;)

cant see why they would have changed it?

also nicely what settings do you have your arbs set to, putting them on tomorrow :thumbs: