1. A

    Rear brake caliper seal kit

    Hello everyone, I just want to makesure if this Nissan D4ABM-N9528 a correct part number for S15 rear brake caliper seal kit? Thanks
  2. K

    WTB: WANTED...S15 front brake caliper!

    My front passenger caliper has seriously seized and appears unsalvageable. Anyone selling or know anyone with a spare please let me know. Thank you for looking.
  3. Lil SpecR

    Caliper rebuild kits?

    Where can I grab one from? Need one front ... :)
  4. JDM_virgin

    350z rear brembo offset

    Hi all, firstly I have searched high and low on here, sxoc and driftworks but can’t find exeactly what I’m looking for so hoping someone here can. i know a few people are running the above setup and I know that for mounting the caliper the knuckles need modifying. I have just bought a pair of...
  5. L

    WTB: Front brake caliper cross spring.

    Hello. Does anybody on here have any spare front brake caliper cross springs lying about that I can purchase please, If not where can I get one from without paying silly prices for one, Cheers.
  6. L

    Reputable parts supplier.

    Hello everyone, Can anyone point me in the right direction please. My s15 is in the garage having some work done and I need to purchase some parts. My question is who do I go to? I used to go to driftworks for most of my stuff but they only do suspension and wheels now so I need to find a good...
  7. K

    WTB: A few s15 parts wanted!

    SpecR badge as my driver side one is broken! Hks or blitz BOV/dump valve. Front brake caliper pins and clips. Will be adding more bits I need soon......
  8. Sims77

    Spec R caliper

    Morning Bit of a urgent question if anybody can help. I've got my Spec-R in a garage as the passenger caliper has stuck on. Are they the same as an S14 caliper? Need to get this sorted ASAP Thanks.
  9. R-Spec

    DB-Power Rear Caliper mod (big brake kit)

    DB-Power Rear Caliper mod (big brake kit) Hi all, Had a search but couldn't find any pictures or instructions ref the rear caliper filing/grinding mod thats needed for the DB brake kit.... Fitted mine ages ago and works a treat - car had the MOT and one of the calipers was leaking so the garage...
  10. P

    WTB: WANTED: Rear Caliper handbrake spring - Right/Offside

    I have just rebuilt my right rear caliper but have lost the handbrake spring on the outside, doh! Can anyone furnish me with one?
  11. P

    WTB: Right rear Brake caliper for parts (S15 or S14)

    Can be leaking/corroded caliper/damaged seals, I just need one or two parts from the handbrake mechanism. (one part I definitely need can come from a left or right rear caliper, the other part which i might need is handed so I need the correct side). Collection preferred, I live in Berkshire...
  12. B

    WTB: Front Brake Caliper

    In need of a Near side (passenger - UK) 4 Pot Spec R caliper. Mines seized :( before i get a rebuild kit, any body got one they dont want? regards.
  13. dudley97

    front brakes

    do the s15 spec r calipers fit on the s15 spec s caliper hangers or are they differnt thanks :o
  14. P

    Rear Brake Piston gaiter

    I have just noticed one of my rear brake rubber gaiters around the piston has come away from the caliper body end. I have damaged it trying to work it back in. Anyone know if you need to rebuild the caliper to refit this? Anyone know if you can buy just the piston gaiter? From Nissan? I assume...
  15. M

    Ksport Big Brake Kits

    I am very pleased to be able to offer the following deals on K sport brake kits to the forum. K-Sport have recently made multiple changes to their kits including: - Stronger material for the mounting brackets to reduce flex - Larger caliper to bracket mounting area to reduce flex - Larger...
  16. W

    Wayne s15 Spec R

    Ok guys at the mo theres no pics of my car that i have to person as to cut a long story short i have been completely shafted, but i cant go into detail yet as things are being sorted at the mo. But heres just a few pics of what i have purchased in the last 6 weeks or so just to get the ball...
  17. I

    Caliper problem HELP!!!

    I tried to fit a R34 brembo rear caliper on my S15 yesterday. The S15 connecting bolt from the brake line dosent fit into the R34 caliper some reason. it tore the thred right out of the Caliper itself. now i know what ya thinking it must of been a crossthred or something, i can asure you it...
  18. B

    newbie rear caliper question

    So I was reading around, and found out the spec R came with a 4pot rear caliper ? is there any truth to this ? I swore the late model jdm S14 and all s15's came with the 2pot rear calipers, and 4pot fronts. ( trying to find out as much as I can while I find my S15 :) ) Dustin
  19. meddler

    Rear brake pad / caliper mod suggestions

    Guys, I would like to ask what rear pads people have on their car. I am looking for something that I can use to lock the rear wheels. I don't do drifting as such, but I do motokhanas and my current pads just don't cut it. I also don't trust the pads to do the job when parking the car. It...
  20. - 0h -

    Spec R and Spec S brake rotors

    I'm buying EBC brake pads for my Spec S, and I'm a bit concern that do these pad fit into my Spec S brake caliper as in EBC brakes website, it stats that their pads are available for S15 Turbo model only, so i'm just wondering whether they would fit? I know that Spec R has 4 pots brake caliper...