1. W

    FS: nissan 350z brake set like new

    hey all i have a set brake brembo calipers from 350z with almost new rotors 324x30 has on 10.000klms -brembo calipers with pads in the middle -rotors brembo like new price is 500euro plus fee and ship it to anywhere i have rear set 350z with rotors 324x20 -brembo calipers with pads in...
  2. O

    FS: 350z front calipers

    Hi guys, Have a set of front 350z calipers for sale. Came of a running 350z calipers have ferodo ds2500 pads in them and new bleeding nipples. Reason for selling is have a front BBK already and just needed the rears. should be a nice upgrade for anyone wanting something a little bigger then...
  3. T

    Custom brake set-up

    So, over the years, my car has had a few brake packages. I started off with stock calipers and discs, then upgraded to z32 aluminium calipers with the Apex 310mm bell and rotor kit, and then up until today was running r33 GTR Brembos with GTR discs. Unfortunately the R33 GTR calipers i was...
  4. K

    FS: S15 calipers, propshaft etc

    Have a few parts for sale off my s15, all due to upgrades. Spec r front calipers, pads, discs. All working perfect, and pads are about half worn. Removed as I have since fitted evo calipers. £250 S15/Sr20 crossmember £40 5 speed propshaft, have both parts of this, other half still in car...
  5. K

    FS: Brembo g35 skyline brakes, 6 speed 350z gearbox

    As title. I have a complete brembo g35 skyline brake setup in Gold for sale included is front brembo calipers, discs with pads. (Pads and disc's have wear). Have a lot of life left in them. Rear brembo calipers, with disc's,pads (again wear) internal drum handbrake setup, handbrake...
  6. G

    350z calipers

    Hi guys, anyone know if 350z calipers fit the s15? thanks
  7. Y

    What front caliper does a JDM S15 spec S have?

    are they the same as the USDM S14 calipers? What rotor size are they? 257/22 or 280/22? Thanks!
  8. S15_SAM

    WTB: Rear caliper's in good condtion

    Hi guys as above need some rear caliper's for my Spec R.
  9. Burnsy

    Another brake question!

    Another question for you lads. What brakes are these??? Whoever says Brembo gets a slap! Just wondering what they are from? Want to know because I need new discs and pads. What would be the 'matching rear calipers' Cheers
  10. vinnie

    FS: S15 Spec R front calipers, pads and discs

    Up for sale is a pair of front spec r calipers, all in good nic, pads have a a lot of meat and there Nissan OEM pads. Discs are fine. these will be a good upgrade for a spec s :nod: Will get some pics up once its sunny £50 including delivery
  11. B

    Spec R front calipers on a Spec S

    Well. I considering upgrading the front calipers on my Spec S to Spec R/Kings S14 twin piston calipers. Couple of questions I have about it: As far as I'm aware they are a direct bolt on job to a Spec S. Am I right in saying that? I know the pads are completely different but the only...
  12. P

    Hoses for Fitting R33 GTR Brembos?

    Hi, I picked up a set of brembo calipers (front and rear) removed from an R33 GTR skyline last week. The rear calipers have a bracket holding a short piece of brake pipe that goes into the caliper body with a brake pipe union, and has another brake pipe union into a block onto the end of the...
  13. I

    FS: New Evo Brembo 345mm disc kit + professionally refurbished Evo Brembo calipers

    ALL SOLD DB power Evo Brembo 345mm disc kit, new unused with Brembo discs This kit uses super light but Mahoosive Evo Brembo calipers with huuuge Evo pads, much better than stock caliper kit tbh I'd personally always buy plain discs regardless of price hence why I bought this with plain...
  14. Fruitbooter

    WTB: Rear caliper

    Got a sticking rear piston and before I order a rebuild kit just wondered if anyone has any cheap fully working rear calipers for sale for an easy life... :)
  15. Jordan

    Big brake advice needed

    Ok so I currently have R32 GTR front calipers and discs (nissan calipers as Bremo's werent until the R33) I have seen a set of these D2 8 pots on ebay for £900 quid, and k-sport for around the same price. My questions are: 1). Is it worth upgrading from what i've got? I believe your braking...
  16. S

    FS: R33 GTR 360mm brembo brake kit + other bits

    Right, selling on some parts as I don't need them now. 1) Big Brake kit, R33 GTR Brembo calipers, with 360mm discs whats included: Brembo Brake calipers, very good conditions, not sticking pistons etc Standard brake pads, pretty much new Range Rover sport discs BRAND NEW 360mm Brembo ones...
  17. J

    FS: Apexi fmic, standard rear spec r brake set up

    Getting rid of these as there no longer needed :-) intercooler is £80 as You need to buy a few clips. Not the best condition but still works. rear brake set up calipers, pads, grooved discs (done like 500miles) £80 the lot. thanks
  18. S

    FS: Garage clearout......Everything must go.......

    Cleaning out the garage and need to sell off my spares to free up some space. All prices are excluding shipping. S15 Spec S (?) stock front brakes. Includes calipers, disks, pads (they will need replacing) and handbrake cables. Willing to split the lot, just pm me with what you want and an...
  19. K

    WTB: NEED R33 GT-R rear brembo calipers and brake assembly

    I need an R33 GT-R rear brembo calipers and brake assembly ASAP. I don't care if the caliper paint is chipping off or if it have pads or lines, as long as there is no rust inside or out and the pistons arent frozen and all the hardware is there. Brake assembly needs to be complete, I don't care...
  20. S

    FS: HEL Braided Brake Lines

    I got these when I purchased my R32 GTR brakes. I decided to go with some braided lines from Driftworks. Nothing wrong with these lines to my knowledge. I'm only selling these because the seller forgot to include the adapter to fit the lines to the rear calipers. I have a pair of the adapters...