1. ChrisKnottIns

    Car breakdown cover from chris knott insurance

    We’re pleased to announce the launch of Chris Knott Breakdown Cover to our car club/forum partners. This high-quality, reliable cover is a fraction of the cost of RAC or AA cover and offers more benefits. The price for full UK breakdown cover is £54.50 and major benefits include: • Mechanical...
  2. P

    WTB: bonnet hinges and bumper support bars

    hey im in need of what it says in the title! if anyone has these bits for sale or knows of anyone who does id really appreciate it. thanks chris
  3. W

    newbie from bristol. uk

    hi all my name is chris and i am from bristol. i am currantly carless. well i have a ford ka at the mo after selling my evo 8. i have been looking on the site for a while now and thought i would sign up and meet you all. i am looking for a s15 at the moment but not to sure on specs etc. i have...
  4. C

    Hi From Sunderland, UK

    Just thought i'd introduce myself, im Chris I’ve gotta make a confession first of all and say that i still do not own a S15 as of yet, i have been looking for a while now ever since i saw one in front of me in White on the road! I'm already a Jap car lover, as i own a Lexus IS200 and managed...
  5. P


    I'm Chris and I'm not an owner as such, just an admirer :) I think the S15 looks sensational, I really do. I saw one in Blackpool today and spoke to the guy. If anyone knows the car, can they direct him here, I have a bigger picture of the below. Such a great forum and I hope to get looking...
  6. C

    Chris' S15 Spec S

    I picked up my new S15 tonight and I thought i'd share a couple of photos of her. It has a Blitz Nur Spec Back box and a blitz air induction kit. Not to sure about the make of the wheels and other body work bits. I think S15's are one of the only few cars on the road which you never get tired of...
  7. L

    Some pics of our Maxpower mag photo shoot.

    Here's a pics of us im far left, then by brother Dave then Tom and far right is my brother Chris. And here's some of the pics I have, hope you like.
  8. E

    Part number request: SR20DET full engine gasket kit.

    Hi all, sorry, but I just can't get FAST and Vista to work properly :( :( can someone please help with the part number. cheers Chris
  9. LuPix_S15

    Rear Brake Callipers

    Hi everyone :wave: Just need some advice on the rear brakes! Recently, after a regular service, Chris my mechanic noticed that the rear pads were worn so he changed them - no probs there. Since he's changed them, I've noticed that there's a little bit of a rubbing/scraping noise when I...
  10. E

    Position of "S" on bonnet

    Guys, can anyone measure the exact position of the "S" on the bonnet for me. I just finally got mine delivered and am going to install it.. but thought it would be a good idea to know where it goes :) :) Cheers Chris
  11. E

    Part Number Help: Wiring Harness :(

    Hi all.. having an issue trying to work out in FAST what the part number is for the sub harness for the ignition coils is. I have attached an image from the service manual.. basically I need the one that has the connectors 101-106 on it. FAST isn't very clear on the major numbers. I...
  12. G

    Hi guys

    Hi My name is Chris and I got invited by Yokozan to drop by here on the forum. I usualy hang on as I am a GTR maniac, but I am a JDM fan in first place. I love the S15s, drove some in the past, never owned one, but I am looking forward to get one in near future. Next year I will move...
  13. C

    Blitz R-VIT (anyone used or have one?)

    Blitz R-VIT What did you pay for it? Thoughts & opinions. Thanx Chris
  14. C

    WTB: Standard S15 JDM Gearknob!

    anyone have one???? pref syd, australia. Thanx Chris
  15. E

    WTB: S15 ECU

    HI, for all those who've gone with an Power FC or other aftermarket ECU, I'm looking to buy your old ECU! :) cheers Chris