1. zero260

    FS: The Speed Factory Spec-R

    Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R I am very upset to do this and still very unsure if we could build a better looking car but my own personnal car and THE SPEED FACTORY show/demo vehicle is for sale as a new project is on the horizon. I wanted to built one of the best silvias on the road to date...
  2. Trial_S15

    Great weather so gave the S15 a clean

    With the savage weather we were having at the weekend & some new goodies from I had to give the Silvia a clean :D It was an easy enough job as I had the car up for a Show and Shine at a charity trackday two weeks ago so it had a fresh coat of Auto Glym Super Resin Polish &...
  3. LuPix_S15

    My Second S15 - Vertex Ridge Bodykit!!

    Well kind of haha :p Started getting back into one of my old hobbies recently... building 1:24 scale model cars. So thought I'd invest in some time, glue, paint and a bit of patience to construct the Aoshima Vertex Ridge S15 I bought a few weeks ago lol :) Here's what the end product...
  4. D

    WTB: Looking for Nissan S15 in USA - prefer New York

    Hello im looking for a nissan s15 to build and make into a drift car. NO rust I hope to find one that i could build up or already set up for drifting if your can find one for me that would be great contact me at
  5. S15AK

    S15 on speedhunters

    I don't normally post links, but you lot have to see this S15. looks so clean and simple, but has a monster spec :cool:
  6. S.K

    A few pics after a good clean

    The good weather can make you do funny things like giving your car a long overdue clean I hope you like it %20
  7. zero260

    Gav's (zero260) Spec-R

    I thought it was about time I posted some pics of the new motor. I have had it for a couple of weeks now and I am loving every minute of it. It took me ages to find a low mileage car that was very clean inside and out but I finally came across this one. Its done 23,000 miles, and it is very...
  8. S15AK

    Apexi Induction kit?

    Hi, Just wandering if the Apexi air filters are washable? if not what do you guys recommend I clean it up with? Cheers
  9. D

    Polish guy in Scotland driving Japanese car :)

    Hi Everybody My name is Greg, I come from Poland, live in Glasgow, drive Nissan S15 spec R. It is very clean configuration, just one modification - BOV. That's all from me, hope photos will upload ;)
  10. R

    afm question

    how should i go about cleanning my afm on my s15?? wat should i use to clean the elements? is it a handy job? thanks
  11. W

    pic request

    post up pics of your boost controller/TT mount locations.. just picked up greddy units and want to mount them somewhere really clean.
  12. D

    WTB: Nissan Almera Gti!

    Have been lookin for one off these the last few days so could anyone in the uk keep an eye out for me im lookin for a real clean one 98-99 with average to small milage and no rust. Cheers lads!:nod: 00353871343093.
  13. raytsang

    WTB: passenger side door card

    need a clean passenger side door card. my one has a small rip.:rolleyes:
  14. R

    Rogz's Ride

    Here is my humble S15 (Still Stock internals) Feel free to drop your comments. Thanks. Previous Look (Stickers) Now (Clean)
  15. J

    FS: 18" alloys fs/swap for 18's

    Hello all, These are my alloys, nothing to do with the company therefore a private sale/swap. These were meant for my Stagea but couldnt get the right tyres to even out the stagger (too wide a back) But these will be perfect for GTST/GTT/S15/S14, etc.... Really looking to swap for another 18...
  16. japmadlad

    while I'm off the road

    ok so as the car will be off the road for a week or so thill the new cltch arrives & gets fitted I have decided I'm gona split the lenses & clean them up. Is there any information on the best way to do this?
  17. slammedmind

    cleaning a MAF

    ok well i got a z32 maf for free by stripping it from a mates breaker. The problem is its a little dirty and now im wondering what is the best way to clean it? Also is there a way to test and see if its working?
  18. S

    misfiring and other random questions

    hello again. after trawling through past posts, i believe that my car may be misfiring. when i accelerate, the engine seems to hesitate. its doesn't jerk or throw me around but I can feel that it hesitates. it gets better when the cars warm but its always slightly there. ive ordered some new...
  19. P

    Realistic Price

    Whats a realistic price i should be looking at for alow mileage, really clean silvia spec r aero with front bumper?
  20. P


    Well I'm on the look out at the mo, looking for a 1999ish spec R in white or blue. Not too worried about mileage, because I don't do many miles per year and I intend on keeping the car a while! Has anyonw used I mailed them last night and they think they...