1. japgarage

    Coilovers latest and greatest

    I'm in the market for real quality coilovers, mainly for street use so comfort is important. What are people running and recommending from experience ? Im currently driving on CS2's and they are far to hard for the driving on Irish roads. Thanks in advance!
  2. D

    WTB: WANTED!! wheels, coilovers, exhaust

    Hey guys afters some parts. Wheels: after some 17's must be genuine wheels not Rota's 🙈 don't want anything kerbed to hell & back. Coilovers: anything decent & clean. Exhaust: anything that isn't battered 😂 As close to Wales as possible would be nice. Cheers guys.
  3. G

    WTB: Stereo bracket / coilovers

    remove please -
  4. F

    Nismo s tune value?

    Anyone know what these are worth? Thinking about getting sum coilovers so will be possible forsale all are in mint condition , thanks
  5. S

    FS: apexi coilovers. stock rims

    hey guys. got my coilovers and rims off the silvia for sale. surplus to requirements. coilovers apexi n1 type v, collars free, damping adjustable, some wear to fronts, rears mint, no apparent leaks. £250 ono rims fair condition, yokohama tyres all ok £80 ono DSC_0131 by shifty biscuits, on...
  6. F

    Nismo s tune suspension

    Anyone know what there worth? Possibly thinking of getting coilovers , can anyone recommend any? Thanks
  7. chris2287


    Hi! After doing research on here and SXOC and finding many older posts about coilovers I wanted to know what people are currently running? Intended use for car is fast road/track. My newly imported car currently has Apexi N1 2000spec coilovers on it which I suspect might have seen better days...
  8. chris2287

    Brake and suspension query...

    I've been looking around this forum and SXOC and it seems there are many different brake set ups that people are using. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, does anyone have any experience with Apexi N1 coilovers? How do you adjust them as I the ride gets quite unsettled with the...
  9. langers

    Kaizen Force Coilovers

    I'm in the market for coilovers on my S15. I found these coilovers which are the similar to HSD monopros although these offer more dampening adjustment and are better price. Anyone has used a set on their s15?

    FS: Fresh white S15

    Just putting this up to gauge interest , Car was picked by me and is currently on the boat to Bristol , arrives 3/8/15 and will be available within a week or so of that date. Will be MOT'd and registered (unless someone wants to be first owner) Spec R 115kms Sunroof model 18" Advans Coilovers...
  11. C

    Improving ride quality with coilovers

    My S15 came from Japan where it was a track car with HKS Hipermax III Sport coilovers. On Scottish roads they are extremely bumpy and crashy and they do not cope with any kind of uneven road surface well let alone enormous pot holes and such. At the moment the spring pre load seems to be at the...
  12. M

    FS: 2001 Spec R. New Coilovers and wheels

  13. Chriscooke

    FS: Apex gen 2 comfy coilovers, s14 act lightweight flywheel.

    I have a set of apex gen 2 coilovers 6/4 comfies off my breaker. All seem to be leak free and I believe they don't knock although I have never driven the car properly with them fitted. The rear shocks were replaced not long before the car came off the road, the fronts are older and I'm...
  14. N

    How much is my Nismo suspension worth?

    As title Nismo S-Tune suspension Currently on my S15. No idea how many miles the suspension has covered but it looks in decent condition Looking to sell them to fund my coilovers
  15. W

    WTB: S15 coilovers and air filter

    Hi looking for s15 coilovers and a induction kit new or used.
  16. L

    Help on wheels offest asap for clearance

    Hi all need help, ive just bought some new wheels the fronts are 18x9 ET30 will this clear my coilovers (apexi N1's)? If not what size spacer will i need! anyone running a similar setup?
  17. Lanyard

    Rebuilding Tein Suspension - HELP needed

    As above I have a set of Tein StreetFlex coilovers that I want to get rebuilt to sell on as I'm now running DW CS2's. Does anyone know of a company in the UK that can supply all the parts or do the rework for me? Cheers guys:thumbs:
  18. P


    Hi, i'm Peter from The Netherlands Last year I bought myself a S15 Spec R with a few mods. I'm currently replacing all parts that are not genuine Nissan, Nismo or used by Nissan in motorsport. It's a '99 Spec R aero with 120k kms on it and I bought it with these mods: - Splitfire coilpacks -...
  19. LeddersD

    Newbie Proud S15 owner

    Hi to everyone on the S15 scene. I bought my car last weekend having never been in one before but had been looking for a couple of months having sold my Banzai featured Honda. My Prelude was great, but modding it to 400bhp meant keeping an eye on things. Its a relief having the S15, an already...
  20. H

    FS: 240/300zx D2 racing 8pot calliper & floating disks & D2 coilovers

    Hi guys I have a set of D2 8 pot callipers for a 300zx for sale. Believe they fit the s13 aswell with some modification to the heat shield? There in good working condition and have only covered a few thousand miles. All the seals are in good condition and there are no leaks. Come with ss clear...