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Newbie Proud S15 owner

6 September 2014
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High Wycombe
Hi to everyone on the S15 scene.
I bought my car last weekend having never been in one before but had been looking for a couple of months having sold my Banzai featured Honda.
My Prelude was great, but modding it to 400bhp meant keeping an eye on things.
Its a relief having the S15, an already turbo'd car, Perhaps with the view of some subtle remapping for more oomph. The main thing is a new 2 din stereo, the current one even has the mini disc with the guy's Japanese Karaoke still in it.
Also I am on the look out for stock spec R skirts and the spats to balance the look. I can't lower on new coilovers as where I work there are some knarly speed humps. http://forum.s15oc.com/images/smilies/026.gif

You will still see my car on piston heads, I guess he is still using it to advertise his business.
It's the Silver one with dark bronze Rota drifts with the Gruppe M intake.
Good bloke and knows his stuff.

Pics to follow.