1. CMR

    FS: Brand new Subframe locking collars

    As above. I have a brand new boxed set of Driftworks Locking Collars suitable for S13/14/15 and R32 and R33 GTS I paid £55 for these. Get them for £40 posted to UK, in no rush to sell so no offers please. SOLD
  2. C

    FS: Subframe locking collars

    Apex Perfrormance sbuframe locking collars - link They are used but in VGC - about a year old now. These eliminate any play in your rubber subframe bushes and lock the subframe solid to the underside of your car. Reduces axle tramp and holds everything together as it should be. Dead easy...
  3. LuPix_S15

    GUIDE: Fitting Subframe Alloy Locking Collars

    Ok folks, I've always wondered how the metal subframe collars were fitted to an S15 so when I did mine the other day with a mate, I took the chance to take pics so hopefully, those who wanna give this a go will know it's not too difficult. I purchased my set of subframe alloy collars from...
  4. Dan H

    Subframe bushes + locking collars

    I tried (unsuccessfully) to fit a set of subframe locking collars earlier. The top part went on, but the bottom part wouldn't fit up into the bush enough to get the nut started, even if I used a jack to try and push it up in :confused:. Upon further inspection, the bushes (well, the one at the...
  5. LuPix_S15

    Fitting Subframe Locking Collars

    Hi guys, I've got some Driftworks alloy subframe locking collars. Basically I've been told you need to loosen and drop the subframe and then these slip on in between existing bushes and the chassis IIRC (??) I've been under and around the diff area recently (replacing diff oil) and had a...
  6. Roots82

    Sub Frame Locking Collars

    Hi guys, Fitted some locking collars today! Very impressed with the cars feel now, has got rid of the sloppy feeling i have hated for a long time!!! :D The questions are: Would poly bushing the sub frame make it quieter? and do the poly bushes stiffen it up the same or more or less? I'm...
  7. DeanS15

    help - vibration problem aaargh

    guys, can you help me? since getting my car back from having some work done i have had a problem with vibration - some from the exhaust, which is now sorted and clear of everything underneath so thats ruled out, and some from the transmission. basically i had a load of engine work done which...
  8. B

    FS: ** SOLD ** Whiteline Locking Collars

    I'm selling a new and unused Whiteline locking Collars set Price ?40 + P&P or buyer to collect
  9. K

    Alu locking collars on s15. What about the rear bar?

    How do the locking collars fit with the s15 subframe having a strengthening bar? Nicely, have you fitted yours? Could you take a couple of pics?
  10. B

    Busy day today

    Today I managed to underseal the car (was in amazing condition underneath) change the diff and gearbox oil,fit the metal subframe collars, fit new fuel filter and Walbro fuel pump,re-gas the aircon and whilst I had the time listened to the tapping I get sometimes on start up with stethescopes...
  11. sushiming

    jointed alignment arm set/ C Collars

    hey guys ive just been speaking to dazz0i about geting the arm set and was thinking is there anyone else wanting to get one as i thought it might be worth talking to apex about geting a group buy for us I myself am intrested inthe C Collars aswell anything else ppl intrested in?? The Alignment...
  12. Yakozan

    Pineapple rings vs Subframe collars

    what are the difference between the two? I'm thinking about some upgrades to the rear which will fit without too much work. These fit without removing the subframe. Which is best...