1. G

    WTB: SR20DE Distributor

    Need an SR20DE distributor, as complete as possible but any parts will be helpful as mine is super old and causing starting issues. Close to Sussex as possible ideally. Call / Text on O 7 5 8 four six five 1 7 6 6 if you have anything, or comment / PM :)
  2. L

    FS: S15 spec s awesome spec £6200 Ono

    S15 spec s awesome spec £5900 ono Ashley's old one big change in circumstance forces a sad sale see eBay add and comment on here or phone / txt me thanks
  3. P

    Fujitsubo RM01A cat-back - How Loud?

    I might buy one of these but don't really want a loud system. Can anyone comment on how loud it is? Thanks.
  4. Roots82

    My dyno results..

    I got the car on the dyno today basically as a health check etc and to get a chart before i get a front mount and a remap.. here's the result.... Not exactly impressed with the figures maybe i have problems.... or maybe the dyno wasn't accurate :rotfl: or maybe this is a normal level of power...
  5. sushiming

    Everyone please read and comment

    just wanna get an idea where and how everyone has found out about S15OC from and what do you think about it ?
  6. D

    Opinions Please!

    I want yere opinions on my new addition. I fiited it last night. Must still put bumper on properly. I kile it and its staying until it breaks. Ps Anyone comment on my dog with the dodgy eye, I'll set him after ye. :eek: :eek: