1. D

    Looking at buying an S15, need advice!

    Hi guys Looking at buying myself an S15 Spec R. Just wondering what I should be looking out for in particular? Am looking for a low km one (less than 120,000kms), and hopefully rather stock with maybe an upgraded ECU or turbo. What's the sort of things I should look out for with these cars? Any...
  2. Hairy Fish Nipples

    ABS Light has come on. HELP!

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Could do with some help. Got a black 2002 Spec R. It has had a lot of messing around done to it in Japan, but all in all has resulted in a fairly solid car that has been set up very nicely. E.G. After market manifold, earthing kit, 2 boost gauges that run from different...
  3. hoodooyoudo

    240z style nose on S15

    S15s are still pretty common in Japan - probably the third most common performance car I saw in my two week holiday there (including a week-long stay in Gunma, and a visit to Mount "Akina") .. but I have only ever seen one like this, with a 240z style nose; (I apologise for the terrible...
  4. H

    HI all

    HI everyone. I am in the market for a spec r. I'm selling my st205 gt4 and going for another car I've always wanted! I just wanted to know if there is any specific problems I need to be weary of when looking at one so I know wether to walk away or try and get a chunk knocked off if it worth it...
  5. Jaydej

    Belts and bearings

    i sometimes get the odd sqeeky noise from the best, i can get a set of belts no problem, but i just wanted to know what bearing are common to go. or need to be changed dont want to be doing the job twice
  6. Tony

    Backlash on driveshaft

    Hey ya all.. I was on a car inspection a while ago. the inspector felt on the driveshaft and there was a slight play,not much.. He said to me not to worry.. but I want to check anyway.. Is that common on S15....?? Best regards T.M
  7. J

    anybody knows who made this body kit?

    Hi guys, I was browsing for bodykit to fit into my s15 the other day, then I saw this body kit which I think looks slick but not common like vertex, so i hope somebody could tell me who made this body kit. thanks
  8. M

    problem with radio reception

    hi lads just bought a s15 recently and my radio isnt working.ive seen on the forum that this is a common problem with imports.theres a sony cd player fitted just wondering does anyone know how to fix this?cheers lads
  9. crazymat666

    soon to be new s15 owner ANY COMMON PROBLEMS I SHOULD NO OF

    hello every1 :) as the title says when i sell my dc2 i am guna b on the lookout for a nice s15 but itll be my second turbo car my 1st being a ford escort rs turbo :rolleyes: as u can imagine didnt last long(2 days infact haha) so anyway as i was saying are there any common problems i should...
  10. S

    Anyone got loose rubber list on your front light?

    Ive marked the rubber list on the light on paint=P Rubbers on both of my light are more or less kinda loose, and a buddy of mine got the same problem too on his s13.5. Is this a common problem and what is the best way to fix it? buy new rubber? or take it off and glue it on again? or remove...
  11. D


    Aparently, the S15 gearbox is a "AZ6 Aisin".... these are also fitted to the RX8 MX5 Altezza / IS200.... i'm assuming with just different bell housing's? Would be great to find out if this is true... cause it would certainly remove alot of people's worry about gearbox failure. RX8's are so...
  12. G

    Z32 idle hunting

    Hi Guys, Those who have fitted Z32 AFMs, is it a common symptom your the RPM hunts?