1. Alex De Large

    Aero Skirt Part Numbers

    I'm looking to purchase some aero skirts soon and I got the part numbers off the Nissan Fast program but they aren't showing up on my local nissan's system. :confused: The part numbers I have are : REAR RH 76856-85F02 REAR LH 76857-85F02 FRONT RH 76852-85F02 FRONT LH 76853-85F02 or...
  2. L

    Nissan Oil Filter Question ---- Weird

    Hi all, Done an oil change, got an oem nissan filter as theyre best part number 15208-53J0A, and it wouldnt fit? The threaded part wold not turn onto the engine?? It does say Model N14 & SR20DET on the side, so confused :/ Is that the right filter or do i need another? I have settled for a...
  3. T

    breather connector

    Got myself a spare cam cover to do paint job on but have found the rear breather connecton is missing. anybody got one they don't want or know where to get one also how do they fit :confused: cheers
  4. Alex De Large

    Power steering hose

    I've got a PS fluid leak and it's coming from the hose that connects from the resoviour to the pump. Does anyone know what size the hose is? :confused: I've tried searching all over but no joy.
  5. S


    noticed recently like after in 5th 6th gear and braking down from say 100 suddenly the steering wheel starts to shake like crazyy :confused: full wobbbleesss any idea what this could be ?
  6. NICKO

    S15/S14 Undertray?

    Im after an under tray for my s15 to improve the cooling and was wondering if anyone knows if the s14 and s15 trays are the same? ive been searching the net and cant seem to find an answer :confused: I cant seem to find any s15 trays either but have come across a few s14 ones :nod: cheers guys...
  7. T

    walbro 255

    Can someone tell me is the inlet on oem fuel pumps inline with the inlet or is it rotated 180 degreesto the inlet THANKS IN ADVANCE :confused:
  8. T

    yellow jackets V splitfire coilpacks

    Which of the above is the best as regards performance and value for money.I know about splitfires but know zero about yellow jackets as i have not got any history with these and not many on here seem to use them :confused:
  9. Alex De Large

    Front Wheel Bearings

    Well tonight I discovered that my front passenger side wheel bearing needs replacing. After searching the net for a few hours and reading some threads on here i'm a bit confused. Can someone please clarify the part number for this. Is it 40200-5L310? Also would I be best getting the part from...
  10. Topper

    Strange Heavy Load hesitation

    After a HG change, car wouldn't start, got her running (CAS was out), adjusted/corrected timing, Car now idles fine and will rev slowly/smoothly with no issue, small blips up to 3k are fine, but if opening the throttle harder/fast (only tried when stationary) the car almost cuts out before...
  11. S

    Advice please

    im strugglin to get rid of my megane 225 so i can get an s15 and i have had an offer for a swap for a evo 6 should i? then sell the evo or swap for s15 :confused:
  12. Fasthands

    Will this fit? It's a braided clutch line listed for S14. :confused:
  13. adz87kc

    torquing up rear alignment arms

    Hey guys, i know a couple of you have done the same job as i'm in the middle of- poly bushing (etc) the rear subframe. Now in the next day or two i'm -hopefully- going to be fitting my new bushed alignment arms i got from Apex. Someone told me that they need to be torqued up with load on them...
  14. adz87kc

    2871r . . . bargain?

    Was having a look at this site: and you see the 9th turbo down -the GT2871R at £723- is that the one that the same as an HKS GT-RS? Seems rather cheap if its the one thats good for approx 400bhp :confused:
  15. I

    Spigot Bush problems

    Does anyone know if the S15 bush is different to S14? I have been struggling to get my S15 box back in it won't go into the S14 spigot bush I used. They appear to be the same but it's just not having it. :confused:
  16. J

    Im Back again lol

    hey ppl, I have been on the missing list for a while. some if you may remember i crashed my '02 spec r a while back. well i couldn't do without one for long and im back in the sr20 books again.:cool::thumbs: picked up a 99 spec r in pewter silver, it has the built in sat nav. does anyone know...
  17. S

    WTB: coil pack

    :confused: hey looking for a coil pack if anyone has 1 ? :cool:
  18. mook

    Integrated 3rd brake light

    Picked up my new S15 yesterday lunchtime, and I must say I'm well pleased with the purchase. It has a small lip spoiler on the boot, which I prefer to the standard one, but it does mean I have no third brake light. Anyone know of any model specific ones out there that could be cut into the...
  19. S

    Hi guys need some opinion

    Hi broz, i have been reading up forum from zilvia, FA, nissansilvia & silviaNZ i know alot of people choosing 2871.64 but there is some question i need to ask u. i am looking for max 400WHP and maintain streetable driving & also responsive. 1, how much WHP 2871.64 can make? what 52 or 56...
  20. S

    spoiler fitting

    dose any one know if there is a "how 2" on how to fit the s15's spoiler. as iv just go hold of one and dont wont to bugger up my pride and joy! some one told me to put masking tape on the boot :confused: