1. Surfing Boris

    DMAX 50/50 tail lights wiring

    So i bought myself some new DMAX tail lights thinking they would be straight forward plug and play but the connectors on the new lights are two separate parts and the OEM connector is a single piece. Hopefully that makes sense but how the hell do I murge the correct wires???
  2. SlidewayzS15

    Anyone know where these harness plugs go to??

    Hi guys, I've looked in service manual in Electrical section and I cannot find what this connector could be, my first thought was it could be for the ABS computer since mine didn't come with it... I bought a ABS computer and the connectors are totally different size. So I'm lost at this point...
  3. Mycool

    WTB: Rear light bulb holder & connector

    Hi guys. Long shot here but here goes... Im after passenger side rear light connector / bulb holder. Is there any about? Or does anyone know where i can get one? Many thanks
  4. G

    F4 connector pin out

    has anyone got a pin out of the F4 connector under the dash?
  5. L

    Aftermarket ecu question

    Hi everybody, I've just fitted an aftermarket ecu (orientworks) to the s15. Upon installation, on the back of this ecu there is two thin black wires with a connector on the end. Looking at the original one, there are no wires... The car fires up as usual, but i haven't taken it for a spin...
  6. TriniGT

    S15 Fuel Tank Wiring

    So in an effort to do a full S15 conversion I have got my hands on an S15 fuel tank. I got it with the float sensor unit in it but missing the fuel pump setup which I got off a spec S car. The problem I am having is that there are two connectors in the fuel tank, one is for the the underneath...
  7. TriniGT

    Brown Four Pin Connector????

    I am finishing clipping in all my connectors back together and there is one connector that has me stumped. It is a four wired brown connector located at the lower right (Driver Side) kick panel. It is not a relay connector it is located below that and has all four wires in-line and is a female...
  8. A

    Identify these parts?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what this stuff is? Just picked up a Jap Spec R S15 today that's fairly standard and noticed a few new parts compared to my old Aus Spec. This is mounted to a bracket on the corner of the radiator, has some sort of connector going to it from the fuse box and a...
  9. Darren_S15

    S15 Radio Harness

    Radio harness. Can anyone tell me what wiring harness I need to go between the S15 loom and an ISO harness? I did think it was a PC2-76-4 but Im not 100% and dont want to buy the wrong thing. Here is a picture of the loom in my car. Other another note, there is a third connector behind the...
  10. P

    Emanage Blue

    I've got the emanage blue and just want to know if there's a plug and play harness for the s15 and where to get it from? The only harness that i've got at the min is plugged into connector 1. Also how do you reset the unit so it can be plugged in and mapped at a later date?
  11. A

    Airbag Bypass Wire??

    Anyone with a aftermarket steering wheel know how this works? I have a wire with a white connector with 3 black wires connected to it. white connector im guessing connects to the car's airbag connector, two black wires are already connected to a 2amp fuse, and there is one extra black wire which...