1. SlidewayzS15

    S15 wiper Electrical Diagram

    Hi guys, I was looking for a wiper diagram but had no luck on finding one. Anyone that can point me in the right direction? My wipers on my Spec S were working fine before I converted it to S14 Sr so I'm trying to see what differences they have because as of now they don't work at the moment...
  2. Fruitbooter

    For those that have converted kmh to mph speedo

    Realised last night that the last MOT i told them the wrong mileage! Doh! What I did was get them to convert the total number on the clocks to miles as I told them it was in km's... What I should have done was use the number of km's at the point the car was picked up. Then it was converted to...
  3. pegliobaglio

    miles convertor??

    Hey guys,quick question for you. My speedo has been converted to mph,but my odometer seems to still be reading in km,will this still be accurate or should I look into having it converted to miles? Don't know why it hasn't been done by the importers........
  4. R

    any n/a s15 converted turbo

    just want to know has anyone done this and wat engine did you go with,is it possible to get a turbo kit for the n/a??? thanks
  5. A

    converted to mph

    is it a legal requirement to have dials converted to mph on imports? im looking at a car and the guy at the dealer isnt interested in changing the meter. is he being dodgy?
  6. C

    How do you differ them

    Hello, i want to buy Nissan Silvia but i kinda got a few question How do you differ Spec R engine and spec S engine? is it possible to sbe indentified if they are spec S converted into turbo? it'll be really helpful if somebodyshow me a picture about them thank you...
  7. D

    New User Here, Howdy

    Hey everyone. Was informed to join by Topper. Used to own a S13 and have been toying between a RX7 and a S14/S15 for the last little while. I had never actually seen a S15 up close, or get a chance to look around it, but he was kind enough last night to do so. Im converted!! I want a S15...
  8. J

    Speedo and Odo Query

    My speedo is now converted to miles and the odometer now records in miles, but whin i picked the car up the odometer still shows the value in terms of kilometers. Therefore i know what the car had done in km, and anything after this is in miles. Is this common as my FTO's odo had been converted...