1. Havoc

    WTB: S15 front over fenders

    Anyone got any spare s15 front overfender wings for sale on here or know of anyone that's does? Only need a passenger side really but 2 is cool if the price is right. Needs to preferably be +30mm but open to anything else, any help would be spiffing! " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel...
  2. S

    casual gray dredge S15 from Mother Russia

    Greetings from the center of Siberia! We have vodka, drift and GOCHA! And how are you doing? :cool:
  3. H


    Hi guys, new to the nissan scene but I'm starting to gauge an interest in them after acquiring some parts that I have for sale. Maybe in the coming years I'll own a rwd car instead of a honda :cool:
  4. pegliobaglio

    Big pimpin!!!

    Ha this is super cool For all you pimps and playa's out there ha ha

    Meet: All makes meet

    My mate runs this meet at his work in Leicester I'm judging best JDM I think ! Be cool to see some of you there , ill be taking my S15 an my mrs is taking her Evo. It's a cool chilled event
  6. Silverstreak

    Has anyone seen this travesty??? Or is it??

    Really not sure what to think of this..... Is it wrong or cool?? What do you guys think?!?

    Back in an S15

    Hi all, was here a few years ago when I had my first S15. Well I was a bit young (20yrs old) and decided I'd spend my savings on a 2001 spec R... Well it only lasted 3 months and I smashed it up thinking I was cool! After that I bought an AE86 Levin which was awesome, swapped the 1.6 16v for a...
  8. Fruitbooter

    Check out this Varietta!

    Surprised no one else had spotted it yet! With a few overnight parts from Japan and a tab at Harry's this has potential! :cool:
  9. B

    Hi Everyone

    Hi people my name is Ben, i am a mad JDM enthusiast and my past cars include a Civic Type R EK9, and EP82 Starlet GT. Ever since i went turbo i have been hooked on them. Last week i got the joy of going in my mates brothers S15 spec R and i fell in love with them. I am looking to buy one AS...
  10. meddler

    Who said bike racers wern't cool

    Just having a look at the website of one of the Aussies in the Moto2 championship this year and noticed he had a link to drifiting on his page. Who would have thought bike racers could be cool ;)
  11. Darren_S15

    Darrens New Toy...

    As some of you will know I've started getting into Bikes in recent years and finally got my full license at the end of last year. Having sold my CBR125 last month, I put down a deposit on a Yamaha FZ6N two weeks ago and finally picked her up yesterday. Had a 175 mile ride to get her home...
  12. N

    Open Event: DWYB @ Santa Pod Sat 25th Feb

    Is anyone off here going to DWYB on the 25th? I've got a few bits to sort and am last minute again but hoping to be there, would be cool to meet people this time if they're there :D
  13. JaseYpk

    Cool Drifty High Fives! (Picture)

    Just came across this: Enough Said.
  14. S15AK

    Cool TAS 2012 vid

    Just watched this video of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2012, and its just confirmed that I would to go to this even more now before I die! (added to the bucket list!) Trip to Tokyo to see TAS and also visit the Daikoku Parking lot :cool:
  15. S15AK

    Speedhunters S-Chassis celebration

    Hi Guys, As part of the speedhunters annual S-Chassis celebration, they asked for readers cars last week. I made it onto the readers S15 blog :cool: seem to be quite a few from Oz, so anyone else make it from here?
  16. S

    hello from surrey

    happy christmas eve :) thought i best introduce myself ive been on here a few months as i was building an s13.5 but after some seriously thinking i purchased sx-si's s15 shell and have set about rb25'ing it :cool: owned as s13 for the past two years and loved it but now its time to go all out...
  17. M

    Rays and Works catalogues

    Howdy everyone, just incase anyone is looking for some new wheels... If you see anything you like, just give me a shout. :cool:
  18. L

    WTB: Boot carpet and Kit

    I am wanting a boot carpet and a new kit for my s15. I would prefer a veilside replica kit. But if i could get a kit quite cheap that would be cool. I have heard that a guy can provide them on here. If anyone can help that would be helpful. Thanks. :)
  19. vinnie

    Need for speed shift 2 pre order GAME download

    Hey guess what, If you pre order shift 2 you get a S15 Spec R as a download. It's all oem which is cool. Can't wait to get it now lol. Just check the pics out from the link.
  20. Fruitbooter

    Stance Works Silvia photoshoot 2011 2 Fantastic looking HD too which is nice! :cool: