1. dave_t

    FS: GkTech SR20 Coolant Neck Spacer / Coolant Temperature Sensor Solution

    Item: GkTech SR20 Coolant Neck Spacer, which you use as a neat solution for your Coolant Temperature Sensor. I bought this to fit my Defi Water Temp gauge but i never got round to fitting it before i sold the car, so it remains Brand New. Gktech Product Description "Want to install an...
  2. Unberivable

    coolant line for turbo thread on block stripped

    Ok so, The coolant line thread on the block is stripped. It leaks coolant all over the place and I plan on re-threading it. I have braided lines on the way but i will need to helicoil the re-threaded hole to fit the braided lines. I've done a bit of research and people seem to do what i have...
  3. L

    S15 Coolant leak.

    Last week I decided to change my exhaust manifold and Cat back exhaust. After crawling around underneath I noticed a coolant leak dribbling onto the subframe but looks to be coming from under the inlet manifold. I've done a search on here and Google and can't really see much info on it. I've...
  4. tooley

    Help Needed - S15 SR20 DE into my GF S13 - S15 DE ECU Pinout needed

    Hi guys, Ive put an S15 SR20DE Manual into my other halfs s13 since she has been through 3 CA's I have finished the whole lot and she has been driving it the last week with no issues other than I could not get the tacho or coolant temperature gauge to work. I have found out that I need to...
  5. V

    Turbo coolant leak

    Hi, There had been a minor coolant leak from the car and after looking to find it we realised it was one of the solid coolant lines feeding the turbo (the ones that run under the manifold heat shield). I know it'll be a hassle to replace it with another stock pipe so I'm looking at braided ones...
  6. 2fst4u

    Question time! Coolant overflow tanks

    Does anyone know for a fact if the stainless steel s14 coolant overflow tanks that sit over the wheel arch will fit an s15? They look like they should but I can't find a definitive answer. Thanking you
  7. Burnsy


    hi guys looking to change my coolant on the next service, what coolant do you guys use? whats the best? is there any difference in what you should use for a jap spec car? cheeers
  8. Parky

    When it rains it pours... car is poorly!

    Having a good time here, white smoke coming out of the exhaust, oil smells like fuel, coolant disappearing, turbo seals pretty much gone. Awesome. This has only started since fitting the 555's and having it mapped. I'm going to get it checked out by a pro tomorrow, hopefully to confirm it...
  9. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    Cooling system flush

    Hey guys just wanted to know a few things. First off whats the best coolant to use I've heard different coolant for the temperature its coming up summer here so will be 25-32 degrees. Some people saying red's better than green and what not and also what ratios 50-50 or 75% water 25% coolant. And...
  10. justin666

    Part Number: Coolant Temp sensor

    Hey.. Just a quick one hopefully, Anyone have a the part number for the coolant temp sensor for a 99 spec R? Think it starts along the lines of 22630-????? Ta muchly J.
  11. 2fst4u

    Diagnosis requested for the following symptoms

    Before I begin, yes. I googled and yes I used the search function. About a week ago I increased my boost using a cheap boost tee (not ideal but I'll get a better controller later) and now my car spikes to around 1.4 bar and settles at 1.1 ish. That's not the problem though, I'm just letting...
  12. JaseYpk

    WTB: Radiator! Asap

    My coolant leak was the rad. its chucking coolant out the rear centre. Not sure how its got a hole there, but either way, i'l look into it once its removed. for the meantime. i need a new rad. Any offers, preferable for a skinny one instead of a chunky 50mm one goes with out saying, it wants...
  13. JaseYpk

    "Losing" Coolant?

    Erm, yeah strange one. sometimes my car empties the coolant reservoir in a day, and sometimes it doesnt. Cant determine when and how either. Its gone through litres and litres, but i cant see any leaks or puddles? only thing i can think of is that when i'm driving and the system is under...
  14. oilman

    Coolant & Antifreeze Explained

    Coolant and antifreeze is a topic we are asked about on a regular basis, and often causes confusion; types, colours, service life etc. Perhaps the most frequent cause of confusion is what the difference between anti-freeze or coolant is. Basically, they’re the same product (although the term...
  15. JaseYpk

    Strange Coolant Leak...

    Yeah, so i've got a coolant leak, that only happens sometimes, and in varying quantities. VERY CONFUSED. i first noticed it a week ago when my reservoir was near enough empty, so i topped it up. and then a few days ago it dropped by about 1cm, so i topped it up. and then again today i saw the...
  16. R

    "HELP" Using coolant !!!!

    My s15 spec- R seams to be using coolant alot. I filled up the overflow tank behind the passenger headlight on saturday and now (on Monday) It is boan dry!! Can anyone help with what could be the problem please :thumbs:
  17. C

    GUIDE: Installing twin electric cooling fans

    I've recently installed a twin electric fan setup on my S15 so thought I would share some information about it. Originally I used a Revotec Fan Controller to control the coolant temperature, but after doing a bit of research it seems there is a more efficient, more reliable and simpler way...
  18. LuPix_S15

    Fitting new Japspeed 50mm rad :)

    S15OC peeps :wave: Just need some of the usual friendly advice :) Gonna be getting Japspeed 50mm rad on order tomorrow so may have some time this Sunday or next week to fit it myself. Is it as simple as: 1. Drain coolant. 2. Take existing hoses off. 3. Remove nuts/bolts/viscous fan/shroud...
  19. LuPix_S15

    Oil leak... please help!!

    Oil/Coolant leak... please help!! Hi folks, Just need some expert S15OC advice again!! Basically, ever since I tool her on track at Silverstone, she's been running a lot hotter than usual. By last Friday I'd had enough cos on normal easy journeys around town, the oil temp was getting up to...
  20. Y

    help need!!! over heating engine..

    3 weeks back i was making a trip from A to B about 90miles long got there fine no hassle. However on the return trip i was passing out on the motorway doing about 70 when anytime i went to speed up the car spluttered and didnt seem its self. Now i had been having trouble with a coil pack so at...