1. C

    WTB: S15 Cat back exhaust

    I'm looking to buy a cat back exhaust for my S15. I caught mine on a speedbump a couple of weeks back and pulled the back box almost completely off. I've got a temporary one in place at the moment but it doesn't look great and so I'm looking to get something a bit better to go on permenatly...
  2. JDM_virgin

    WTB: stock s15 injectors

    as above if anyone has swapped theirs out for bigger ones. ideally would like to buy just a couple
  3. Mycool

    Aston martin pearl white s15

    Have not posted pics etc on here for a long time now so i thought id post up a few - Hope you enjoy! I Went for a photoshoot with one of my mates last sunday as the weather was nice & I'm quite impressed with the out come! Here are a couple of pictures from the shoot 👍🏻 multi hosting...
  4. C

    How much spec s

    Hi everyone I'm debating selling g my spec s in red, any ideas what a rough guide price would be for a standard for starters? Mine has a full rare body kit, alloys, stereo, carbon spoiler, japspeed cpilovee etc but needs a couple of parts of bumpers resprayed currently. I'm in 2 minds what to do...
  5. bzh kevin

    My daily pearl white

    Hi everyone! I bought my s15 last august and haven't been very active on the forum so I think it's now time for me to introduce myself and the car properly . I am Kevin, 29 years old and French (nobody is perfect) . I have owned a couple of 200sx's in the past, an s13 and an s14 and really...
  6. S

    Cranking for ages before starting

    I had a sterling alarm and push button start fitted the other day and now once it's been left a while it just seems to crank for ages before it will actually fire sometimes I have to pump the throttle a couple times. Generally once it's been ran a couple cranks and it fires but the next morning...
  7. J

    WTB: a couple of s15 parts wanted :)

    Hi, So ive just bought a S15 Autech as the new daily while the race car is in the garage :cool: Im after a couple of bits..... Aero side skirts Rear bumper spats Any after market exhaust Area rear spoiler Got anything, give me a shout :)
  8. ryan3

    WTB: S15 Spec R

    Hi, I've been looking for a Spec R for a little while now but haven't managed to find the one yet. If anyone knows of any for sale or coming up for sale over the next couple weeks/months with under 70k miles then please let me know! Thanks Ryan
  9. W

    Hello From Surrey

    Hi everyone, so i finally done it and bought my first s15. This has been a dream for me for close to 10 years. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and i could not be more happy with it, looking around on the form i believe this to be N80Jamie old car, if he is reading this i just want to say you...
  10. bigk20

    My pearl s15

    I picked up my s15 last weekend and I absolutely love it. I got it from sva Imports and they were brilliant, the car wasn't in the best way when I went to see It but when I picked it up they had sorted it completely. Car has a few mods Black bride bucket seat Big fmic Apexi intake Rays...
  11. cviesins

    Couple of RB Swap Questions?

    Hey guys, Just trying to clarify a couple of questions regarding a RB26 swap into a Spec R, as I have searched forum to forum with no definitive answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. From what I understand, a R33 Cross member will drop right in, and the steering rack will bolt up...
  12. Surfing Boris

    Cornish Body Shops

    Hi Guys, I am trying to find a good company in the South West that will de-lock, remove all badges, and remove the original spoiler from an S15 boot. I want to get a couple of quotes from decent garages. Does anybody know of anywhere in the SW that can do a good job and comes reccommended please?
  13. L

    Looking to buy..

    Hi all Just thought I'd introduce myself! Name is Laurence and I'm from Watford, UK. Looking to get a S15 Spec R in the coming weeks.. Spent ages looking at importing and came very close a couple of times to going for it but I've found a couple fresh imports for sale recently that look like...
  14. S

    My Pewter Spec R

    Hi guys, Thought I'd start a thread now my cars arrived, since I've been lurking here for a while. It's a 2000 Pewter Spec R, I've purchased through the auctions. If your an Instagram user, check out @mtsgarage. Pretty stock and unmolested, just what I was after. Some pictures from...
  15. phillll

    Parts Shop MAX/Powered by MAX

    Anyone ever bought any of their stuff? Interested in their coilovers and a couple other bits. They look awesome! Gear Knobs look epic too.
  16. M

    Back with a new car so thought I'd open a new account

    Hi all, my old account was deleted for some reason but as I've just bought another S15, I thought I'd rejoin. My first one was a red Spec S that I converted to SR20DET a few years ago, had a couple of others in between and last night a couple of mates went to Chrisyboi's place to collect S15 FTW...
  17. phillll

    Where to buy DC2 lip?

    Am I being daft or are these really hard to find? I've found a couple of US sites that sell them but are there any over here? Cheers folks!
  18. justin666

    FS: Left over bits from the Silvia - Fuel Pump, Wheels, Decat, Service parts...

    Hiya.. So since the S15 went off to its new home a couple of weeks ago, and a shed a clear out means the following bits are for sale.. Standard S15 Fuel Pump. Car was swapped to a Walbro 255 at 65 thou and this was working just fine up till then. £20 plus p&p Japspeed Silenced Decat. All...
  19. DeviouS15

    FS: Genuine Nismo R-Tune Gen 1 Bodykit for S15 Silvia

    Heres the link to the auction, let me know what you think, especially the fellas from NZ. Borrowed a couple pics from a guy named Lloyd whos a member on here... hope he ok with it. Thanks...
  20. Jaydej

    Turbo to elbow gasket where to buy

    As the title says, any body have any recommendation seen a couple on ebay for £10.