1. A

    Fuel flap hinge snapped

    So I filled with petrol & then shut the flap but it didn't want to so I made it shut, then when h got home & took a look, it wouldn't open & I had to pry it open, it fitted perfect all round before but it was now hard up against the left side. The bar that is the hinge sheared off, is it...
  2. J

    japfest 2????

    anyone attending? I cant find anything about a stand or anything, and I cant make it to the weekender :cry: id rather park my car on a stand.
  3. Tommy Kaira

    WTB: Coil pack needed!

    Hi all, Think a coil pack has gone on the S15. The car is running on 3 cylinders when warm. Has anyone got a spare for sale? I'm looking at quite some time before I can get a set of splitfires over from Japan. Help! :cry:
  4. A

    What is this?

    The wire coming from the sump plug? I undid the plug with a spanner & now the wire is fkd. Could it be for this gauge? the battery is also flat now. :cry:
  5. R

    WTB: Nismo fuel cap cover

    Not picky on which cover, as long as it fits. :) I was a idiot and left mine at the fuel station :cry:
  6. Jordan

    WTB: One of these!

    I need the support bar listed here as no.8 mine has never had one :cry: anyone got one?
  7. Trial_S15

    FS: 1999 Non turbo S15 in Ireland

    Sold :cry:
  8. P

    WTB: Coilpack

    Has anyone got any of these i desperately need one for mine because my cars only running on 3 :cry: Pm me with a price delivered please if you have
  9. S

    brake wobble!

    help! when i brake the car wobbles, id gess that the disc is worped?:confused: iv got some new brake pads, but would i all so be right in thinking that im going to need new disc's :cry: if so which one's would any one recomend for hard brakeing
  10. Topper

    Max Power :(

    While looking on the Net for pictures of a Black S15 with optional Aero front, for Yako - I came across this - :cry: our S15's have entered Chav land :( Having said that, it is a nice S15 :)
  11. P


    can sumone help me? I live in jersey in the channel islands, uk and here because the DVS (vehicle standards/registrations) people are idiots we need to have e-marked lights in our cars!!! if you haven't seen it before u can see it on more standard cards, if u look on top of thew ehadlight of a...
  12. K


    what on earth is going on at the moment, i am getting sick to death with people damaging my car or for silly accidents to happen, after my little accident the other week for which nissan STILL havent given me my quote yet :mad: i n ow have more damage :mad: :mad: :mad: goes to bed last...
  13. Nicely

    Crap parking... :cry:
  14. E

    Lady lack of luck strikes again...

    My 650whp 300ZX was stolen today :( :( :( police are - as usual- totally ineffective and don't give a f>>> :cry: :cry: :cry: when I think of the time and money and more money and extra money I spent on the car... my pride and joy ... :( :( :(
  15. Nicely

    Crocodile Hunter dead!,23599,20349888-2,00.html Can't believe it :cry: I know a lot of the Aussies think he was a dick, but I thought he was a legend. Met him at Australia Zoo last year... :cry: :cry:
  16. M


    hi everyone my mechanic cracked the casing on my gearbox and now i need a new one could anyone tell me where to get one from just need it as soon as possible i think nissan are saying 4 weeks :cry: cheers
  17. H

    Help: headlight conversion

    I live in Norway but have a rhd-car.... In that case i have a question about how to adjust my headlights to light up to the right instead of left. Anyone know how to fix this problem? :cry: :cry:
  18. A

    Apexi Power FC

    Hi, people! Does anybody have the maps or software fot Power fc (sr20det blackhead s13)??? I found only this: There are software: but it's for money :cry:
  19. kimi

    air vents - how to remove them?

    i need to remove my vents to get them sprayed, as whoever had the car before me decided to spray the surrounds shiny bright silver :eek: i was going to order the ones with the chrome surround,but they have been dicontinued :cry: so can anyone please tell me how to remove them carefully as...