1. P


    Hi everyone, few mods and photos of my 2JZ S15 thats been built over the last few years. Currently a street machine and recently engineered, maybe in the future it'll see a track day. 2jzgte vvti JZS161 Precision 6062 gen 2 .82 Turbo smart 50mm progate 1600cc ID injectors Kelford b series cams...
  2. laimis

    FS: For sale S15 LHD shell this roll cage

    Car body is rewelded, homologate roll-cage Registration is possible with sport car passport Custom made fuel tank with external Alloy Fuel Swirl Pot Custom made place for radiator in the trunk with header tank. custom made aluminium water rail from engine to radiator. Aluminium fan shroud with...
  3. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Bumper grill for Aero bumper

    My front bumper has been resprayed before I got her, and the lower grill appears to have been misplaced! Anyone know where I can get one, is it a direct fit? Or would I better off sorting something custom? Id like it sorted to prevent wrecking the rad :) TIA!
  4. S

    New wheels arrived - Custom AvantGarde F140

    Waited about 2 months for the wheels to arrive from AvantGarde. ( These are a custom size/offset 3pc forged wheel. Technica Bronze face with Liquid Bronze lip and hardware. Can't wait to mount!! Ill post the pics on the car once the tires arrive. 19x9.5 19x11
  5. L

    Custom pressed jap plates

    Hi guys, I'm after a set of pressed jap plates for shows but with my original Japanese reg. Does anyone know anywhere that doe them? I can either find pressed but with set numbers or printed with custom numbers Thanks, Leo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Parky

    FS: Parts left off my 15 for sale

    Prices don't include postage. Paypal or bank transfer, split paypal fees 50/50 as always to keep things fair. Custom made C-Pillar brace - £90 Nardi 330mm Deep Corn steering wheel, black leather, silver spokes, excellent condition, with horn button £150 Raid quick release boss, good solid...
  7. 5

    FS: Custom Titanium Ignition key (blank)

    wont fit s15 :)
  8. NICKO

    Apexi Hand commander fitting ideas

    Well ive just got hold of a D Jetro power fc with the new EL hand commander and was wondering where people put there commander? has anyone done anything different or any sort of custom dash fitment? or has everyone just simply thrown them into the glove box :D get the idea rolling guys :thumbs:
  9. T

    Texhnolith's C-West GT S15 Spec S RB25DET

    Texhnolith's C-West GT Widebody S15 Spec S RB25DET Thought I should open up a member ride thread as well I've bought the car back in december of 2011 and had some big plans in mind. This is also the reason I bought a Spec S (L-Package) and not a Spec R. I never intended on keeping the SR20...
  10. J0R04N

    Thinking of selling up to fund a house, what kind of money would be sensible???

    Looking at selling up so I can put together a large deposit on a house. Not in a massive rush to sell but just want some views and opinions on what I should be putting it up for??? Few pictures and spec list; car will come with 12 months MOT, 12 Months tax and 38,000 miles on the clock Mod...
  11. spoonman

    Fujitsubo extractors for DE engine

    They are as rare as rocking horse poo, if anyone's interested and cant get access to trademe nz let me know and ill ask the guy for contact details and you can contact him direct........... i think these are my old set and the catchment area was custom. Not the same as whats on RHD japan for a...
  12. Nissan_S15

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 full aftermarket Catback exhaust system - BARGAIN!!!!

    Hi guys, For sale I have a Nissan Silvia S15 full catback exhaust system in good condition and full working order. (This exhaust was also inspected by Jez at Horsham Developments who said it was all in good order) Literally just taken off my S15 the other day as I have now upgraded. Exhaust...
  13. adzsy

    Help with valuation? RB25 S15.

    For insurance purposes more than anything but also for my own interest. What are your thoughts on the value of my S15 i.e. what would you be willing to pay if you wanted it. Here is the Spec and some pics. Oh and I have put the standard rear lights back in! Spec List General RB25 powered Pewter...
  14. Nissan_S15

    Ash's Nissan Silvia S15 Non Turbo - "2013 Show Car"

    Hey everyone, Just thought i'd upload some pics of my S15 thats currently undergone some body work, to get it ready for The Fast Show - Santa Pod 2013. A garage literally 2 minutes up the road from where I live called BodyTone took upon the work for me at the beginning of last week. They have...
  15. J

    WTB: JAPSPEED S14 Twin DownPipe

    Like this: They don't have in stock for 6-8 weeks, if anyone has one or knows someone who does would be appreciated, or I will try to get it custom made. Cheers Guys
  16. A

    FS: [WANTED] S15 headlights

    As in title - I'm looking for set of S15 headlights. Mounts can be broken - I'm doing custom mounts for everything as it's gonna be DRIFT ONLY car.
  17. S

    Power too much?

    Hey guys, i think im ready to purchase my s15 after having money sitting there for 2 months, just waiting for correct car, just wanted to see what you guys think, and if i need to change- head, pistons, cams for what other mods its got, or is it fine. Will be a daily driver/weekend (fun drift)...
  18. S

    FS: 2001 Silvia spec s

    Im looking to get $30k 2001 Silvia S15 spec s RB25 (Rawbrokearage tuned 500hp) RB25DET Rebuilt inc. water/oil pump RB26 valve cover Haltec standalone Spec stage 3 clutch Mckinney braket kit full engine wire tuck conetic head gasket Percision 6766 turbo custom stainless 3mm manifold 3in...
  19. J0R04N

    Standard Boost?????

    Now i have my car all back together i have taken it on a few runs. Gave it a good blast today and looked at the boost gauge when it was at max chat and it was reading 0.95 Bar. I havnt yet had the car mapped, and i dont have a boost controller. Car seems to run fine and pulls really hard...
  20. M

    FS: S15 Vented Bonnet - Street Legal - Custom Made Desig

    Hey all. I have here a custom one off vented bonnet made for the S15. Was hand crafted by Blits Bodykits in the Gold Coast. Made out of fibreglass with a full under skeleton as well as re-inforced latch and hinge points. BEST OF ALL, THIS BONNET IS LEGAL FOR ROAD USE!! Comes with paperwork from...