1. L

    Quick Question regarding top mount setups and engine torque dampers

    Hi all, Anyone know if you can run a engine torque damper with a top mount setup? Thanks Liam
  2. Jaydej

    Orc 409 who has?

    Hey who's using Orc 409 clutch? And what one did you pick, there is a choice of like 5 also what's the difference between with damper and not damper? (What is this damper?)
  3. dave_t

    Clutch Fluid - What is Recommended?

    Going to be changing my Clutch Master Cylinder Fluid as it's a little Black, and at the same time i will be installing a one piece HEL clutch line to remove the clutch damper unit. (will do a 'How To' on this) What fluid is recommended for using in our S15's??
  4. L

    Torque damper issue - problem after installing

    Hi guys, I installed torque damper (from ebay) on my S15 yesterday. after installation i detected that, engine idle work is not stable anymore, rpm roles between 600-1100. Is this a problem? cars works perfectly
  5. P

    What used value my cusco coilovers?

    Hi, my spec R was imported with Cusco Coilovers, an early Zero 2 model. I am now on standard suspension and think I might keep it that way (will hold of deciding until after a track day I have booked on in June). I would like some ballpark idea of used value for the Cuscos. Can anyone suggest...
  6. M

    HPI Engine Torque Damper for S14

    Hi everyone, :wave: Due to a cancellation of an order, we have an HPI engine torque damper available. It is for the S14/S15. There is a photo up on our Facebook page at the moment. I can deliver next day in the UK for £155. EU wide I can deliver on a courier road service for £170...
  7. L

    A couple of suspension questions on camber and damper

    Been searching around the net and various forums but I've given up and figured I'd just ask :p I've got CS2 coilovers and rear camber arms on the S15. There's other bits too but I just wanna ask about camber and damper.. The car had all this already when I bought it so I havn't adjusted...
  8. M

    vibration after HPI engine damper install

    Hey guys i just installed a HPI engine damper in my s15 and have noticed a little extra vibration through the sterring wheel....just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and is this normal??? or do i need to readjust the damper ???
  9. C

    FS: HSD HR Coilovers for S14/S15 - brand new

    I bought there last year but have decided to sell them. Normal retail price us £775+delivery I'm selling them for £700 delivered Main features: - 16 stage adjustable damping. - Camber adjustable front top mounts. - Pillowball top mounts all-round. - Seperate height and preload...
  10. JEZ 8553

    FS: DB-Power Engine Damper

    New and unused DB-Power engine damper in red... £50 posted or £45 pickup from Chelmsford in Essex.
  11. P

    S15 Engine torque damper £40 Delivered

    ENGINE TORQUE DAMPER FOR NISSAN 240SX S14 & S15 95-UP *** ONLY WORKS WITH SR20DET MOTORS - Just the thing to keep your engine stable. Looks good as well !! £60 delivered to UK addresses. Delivery 7/10 days
  12. M

    HSD Coilovers for the S15

    HSD Coilovers The HSD HR coilover is exactly what the performance tuning scene has been crying out for. No longer do you have to accept an inferior/compromised product when spending less than £1000 on coilover suspension. The HSD HR has been specced by HSD Europe, for our roads, and tracks...
  13. M

    BC Racing Coilovers, Special price for first THREE s15 customers!

    As an official BC dealer, Im pleased to offer these to forum members Ok, there are 3 types available for the s15... BR Series Street and Circuit Coilover Pillowball upper mount Camber adjustable top mounts Aluminium top plates 30 way adjustable damping Adjustable spring platform Height...
  14. Curryzz

    Engine torque damper

    Just a quick one, as my engine is out iv decided to get a couple parts reprayed to tidy things up, strut brace ends etc, I was wondering as I have a cheepy ETD wondered how to check if it works ok? I put all my weight on it to see if it moved but it doesn't budge, I realise it's got to be hard...
  15. V

    FS: Tein Well Balance Master Type NA - S14/S15

    These immaculate condition Tein Well Balance Master Type NA (DMN66-11746) were removed out of a S14 Silvia. They will fit the S15 Silvia as well. The type NA damper can be used from the street to the circuit with 16 levels (clickable) expansion and contraction adjustable mechanism. This...
  16. N

    what's damper setting should my car be at?

    hey guys just got my s15 with new tein flex in them ... and im bouncing all over the place lol.... what setting should i be on wit damper? should it be harder at the front and softer and the back... or hard at the back and soft at the front?
  17. sushiming

    FS: 200SX engine damper strut S15 S14

    guys ive got a used engine damper Strut needs some new bolts to go onto the engine and need a rub down on the underside of the part which bolts onto the suspension bolts but looking for £40 posted or £35 collected How it looked on my S15 when i had it
  18. K

    Reapiar coilovers??

    One of my colivers have started leaking.... Its a set of R Racing High quality motor sports. JTC N1 Circut damper. http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/3900/dmptv0.jpg Does anyone konw anyone that can repair em? Regards.
  19. K

    Reapiar coilovers??

    One of my colivers have started leaking.... Its a set of R Racing High quality motor sports. JTC N1 Circut damper. http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/3900/dmptv0.jpg Does anyone know anyone that can repair em? Regards.
  20. S

    Engine Damper

    OK, I bought one of ebay only to find its not a damper. It looks like one but if I fit it it would act more asa brace. Now I'm not an engineer but I would have thought that there should be some give in the engine? If not maybe the stress would be transferred to the gearbox or elsewhere? Any...