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What used value my cusco coilovers?

23 January 2011
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Oxford, UK
Hi, my spec R was imported with Cusco Coilovers, an early Zero 2 model.
I am now on standard suspension and think I might keep it that way (will hold of deciding until after a track day I have booked on in June).

I would like some ballpark idea of used value for the Cuscos. Can anyone suggest what I might expect for these?
(I have not made up my mind whether to sell them so not put this post in the for sale section)

I believe they were manufactured in mid 2002 due to stickers on the damping cartridge units (says '07 2002' looks like month and year to me ). The lower tubes that the dampers screw into are not blue but raw metal colour (have found one photo online with matching colors: bare metal lower tubes, blue ano top mounts, red ano spring seat collars). They have very mild surface corrosion on these lower tubes, some spring rust but they seem solid.

One damper is seized into the lower tube on one of the front shocks, preventing adjustment of ride height by lowering/rasign the whole damper and spring assembly - you can still move the spring seat collars. I intend to get this free'd up (this was actually why I removed them in the first place). The problem with only adjusting the seat is that if you pre-load the shock too much you reduce the travel significantly, so its best to set the pre-load with the spring seats, then adjsut ride height with the lower thread into the lower tube attached to the wheel hub. This is the bit that is seized.

The front units have adjustable camber pillow ball top mounts and the rear have fixed pillow ball top mounts. They do not have any damping adjustment.

The spring rates are 8k and 6k.

The dampers seem to be fine. Though the car has been run for a while very close to the bump stops, the bump stop elastomers also seem fine.

I was thinking of sending the dampers to be dyno'd, to confirm that they are ok and also becasue I was interested in advice regarding what minimum spring rates would still work with the dampers. I was considering using them again with more road-friendly springs if possible. The dyno with damper plots and advice will cost me around £100, I was wondering if this check would make them easier to sell given their age?