1. TimmyT

    Fusebox Loom R/LAMP relay

    Hi! I have 2 fuseboxes here. They are identical except the R/LAMP relay. One has a Wire (green with a red line) that goes from the relay into the 15A fuse. The other One has 2 of these Wire where 1 go to relay and 1 to the 15A fuse seperated. Someone knows whats the diffeence here is? Thanks
  2. datman55

    S15 Factory Electric Fan

    Hey guys, need some help here. The S15 has 2 fans, 1 clutch fan on the engine, and one electric fan mounted to the radiator/Aircon heat exchanger. I would like to remove the Clutch fan entirely and just run the electric fan. From what I have read in the owners manual, the electric fan only...
  3. S

    My Spec R L package

    Hi new to the furum and thought I would put some pics up of my Spec R L package :-) From what I can gather there's not many around... This one also has electric sunroof and factory xenons
  4. S

    Newbie from Chelmsford Essex

    Hi :wave: Here are my two Grey S15's :D The white one is my girlfriends and I also have a 1JZ manual Soarer Both are Spec R's one being the rare L package with black leather seats, Xenon head lights and factory electric sunroof :p
  5. Jay-pan

    Wiring in electric fans

    Hi guys, can someone direct me to a good ignition source or how they have wired there electric fans into there car? Seen can do it via the air con old fan unit which i looked into and seen the guide which i was going to do but if anyone has any further pictures and how it exactly works would be...
  6. Parky

    A weird one... Static shocks..?

    Every time I get out of the car and go to close the door, I keep getting a static electric shock off it... Anyone got any ideas why? It's getting annoying!!
  7. R

    WTB: S15 Nearside Door Mirror with glass

    Mines been damaged and the glass has been forever lost. Not picky on the colour of it, it will be painted regardless, just as long as the electric motor works and it has glass intact. Thanks.
  8. C

    Spec S owners, you have electric fan?

    Noticed the other day while searching parts that other S bodies have an electric fan that sits inside the cowling. My Oct '01 manual Spec S doesn't have one fitted. Is it meant to have one fitted as standard? It has working AC on it..
  9. Z

    WTB: OEM Remote Key

    Hey folks, my key is broken and I can't find it on the web. The Nissan-Dealers in Germany don't want to help me. Do anybody know, where I can buy it? (I only need the plastic parts, the electric is working and I can use it in the new key.) Thanks.
  10. T

    FS: Saab 9-3 Aero 2003 64K Miles MINT!!

    Finished in gleaming Black Paintwork contrasted with two tone Cream Leather and Grey Cloth. This car has the best of both worlds with 210BHP which easily gets 30 MPG around town and 40+MPG on a run. The car has full Service History with the last two services being 2 year...
  11. S

    FS: Ganador super electric mirrors

    Decided to revert back to stock mirrors so i have the Ganador super mirrors avalible for sale, these are excellent bits of kits and are fully electric adjustable and fit in the stock harness.. the mirrors are in good condition but will need painting !! all glass it in good condition. they are...
  12. S

    WTB: Pair of wing mirrors (cash or i have a pair of gandor electric mirrors to trade)

    i am after a pair of wings mirrors, ideally in pearl white (WKO) but not fussed, they must be in good working order etc. i have a pair of gandor original electric mirrors to trade :) or i have cash waiting cheers Sam
  13. R

    Help with why electric radiator fan starts up when key is turned to "on"

    Does anyone know why this is happening? and how i can fix it.
  14. S15_SAM

    FS: 2001 51 plate VW polo 72000 miles, silver, 5 door, 1.4 16v. £1595 ono

    Hi guys ive got forsale a 2001 51 plate VW polo 72000 miles, silver, 5 door, 1.4 16v, Lots of service history, new 12 month Mot, tax til end of september, very tidy great condition body work, ABS, power steering, alloy wheels, electric front windows and electric wing mirrors, 3 owners from new...
  15. M

    S15 thermo fan write up

    Hey all, I've been recently designing a dual thermo fan (electric fan) setup for our S15s. It uses dual fans that can run in two different speeds, most of the time it will run in low speed mode so will help with current drain. My design also keeps the factory ECU control of the stock AC...
  16. S

    Electric Mirrors not Working

    Hey guys i think ive blown a fuse for the side mirrors. Can someone please tell me which fuse is the one for the side mirrors. Thanks :)
  17. LuPix_S15

    FS: Radiator (Stock)

    Hola, Just got my old rad up for sale since I've fitted Japspeed 50mm item a few months ago :) No idea about the pricing so I'm going for £40 including delivery (within UK)... Includes shroud and oem electric fan within. Some very minor superficial marks to the fins - otherwise excellent...
  18. L

    FS: 1999 S15 Spec R Pearl White 75k

    I am selling my Nissan Silvia that I bought from Torque in June 2009 I am the only UK owner. 6 speed manual, climate control, cd player with ipod adapter, electric windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof, front and passenger airbags, PAS LSD ABS 250bhp 2 litre turbo MOT til June 2011 and 4...
  19. C

    GUIDE: Installing twin electric cooling fans

    I've recently installed a twin electric fan setup on my S15 so thought I would share some information about it. Originally I used a Revotec Fan Controller to control the coolant temperature, but after doing a bit of research it seems there is a more efficient, more reliable and simpler way...
  20. Darren_S15

    Mechanical or Electric Boost Gauge

    Just wondered if people have mechanical or electric after market boost gauges on their cars? The one I'm looking at comes in both and I don't know which one to get.. Is one better than the other etc...? Any info would be great.