1. C

    Weird issues with my 15

    The car sat for a long time. I started to get it up and going again and it wouldn't start. It wanst getting fuel to the rail. I changed the pump and it's getting fuel to the rail but still wont start. But before I go to crank it over this happens The engine light blinks really fast and...
  2. M

    AFR lean out at low RPM

    Hi there, I have my Silvia s15 upgrade and I have few issue with the engine at lower RPM (below 2000RPM). My car have EFR turbo kit from full race. The turbo is EFR 7163 with twin scroll manifold and direct line intercooler. I use Plazmaman plenum with 75 mm throttle body. The intake is...
  3. C

    FS: Engine from my SpecR - SR20DET + 6 Speed Manual Gearbox

    Has around 95k Kms on it, It is currently in my car at the moment, runs great. I have a new fully forged engine already which is in the process of been reassembled. So this one will come out around the end of February middle of March. I thought I'd prematurely see if anyone was interested...
  4. S

    FS: S15 Spec R Complete engine package

    Due to new plans with our Spec R we are going to be selling the complete engine package. The car has covered a total of 125000kms and was on 101000kms when we bought it into the country. Sadly due to rear end damage we are now going to be buliding the car for track use only an.d for that...
  5. J

    new S15

    Hi guys, I've just recently brought myself a S15 speck R! I thought ill give the car a service for piece of mind and when changing the plugs I've realised that they have snapped off and melted in no. 1,2,3 cylinders... this has scored the bores.. (plug no NKG BKR7EIX) I believe the car has been...
  6. R

    High RPM because of wrong gear

    Hey guys, I was driving on the highway yesterday at about 120 kph in the 3rd gear. I wanted to change to 4th but hit the 2nd one and the rpm climbed to 8100 (according to the avcr) The engine has full power and runs smoothly, is there anything i have to worry about ? Thanks
  7. R

    Engine bay rust repair?

    Hey guys, went to see an s15 at the weekend with a friend of mine. He has a small budget so we’re looking at the bottom of the barrel, anyway the car we went to see had a few small rust blisters in the engine bay where the factory air box would be and on the seem around the strut/turret, he...
  8. H

    WTB: ***WANTED Spec R engine bay loom***

    as above
  9. L

    Random Engine Cut Out

    This only started to happen recently. Basically it seems after a random bout of spirited driving when I come to a slow down or a stop the engine will suddenly cut out. It doesn't jerk or anything like when you stall a car. The battery light comes on, and engine light and obvs the steering gets...
  10. oilman

    Opie Commercial Oils

    Hi guys Just a quick heads up to let you all know that our most recent brainchild is now live and kicking - Say hello to Opie Commercial Oils! We appreciate that not everyone here drives an 18 wheeler big rig, but our new website also covers an array of fluids for all vans, trucks and even...
  11. A

    FS: Sr20det engine

    Hey guys I have a blown S15 engine for sale it came of my 2000 Spec R. low compression on two cylinders. i was going to forge it and run big power, but I have been offered a forged engine at a very good price. So hence the sale. it a bare engine and collection from market harbourough in...
  12. F

    WTB: S15 Spec R Engine Harness

    Hey, i´m looking for a engine Harness like this. Has anybody one for sale?
  13. K

    A few engine questions, wanting to increase power

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here and I'm new to the SR20DET engine! Finally purchased my dream s15 so I'm mega happy! I'm now looking to increase the power of my engine and I have a few questions I'm hoping you all can answer for me, so ill jet get right to them! I'd like to aim for as much HP as...
  14. S

    Engine bay paint for WK0 S15

    Does anyone one know what paint Nissan used for engine bay in WK0 painted S15's? looking to touch up the engine bay in mine but struggling to get a match. order a couple of shades of WK0 base coat but nothing seems to match. anyone used anything that gives a half decent match?
  15. Hairy Fish Nipples

    FS: Breaking 2002 Black S15 Spec R

    Hi all, Sorry for the radio silence, my job is becoming a little anti social. However, Im finally there! I have started to break my 2002 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R (Black). It is a little bit of a heart breaking experience to be fair! Engine and Gear box up on E-bay:- Access Denied Pretty...
  16. H

    VVT help

    Wondering if someone had any ideas, my car is a 3a so should be fairly quick. (2871, 555cc etc) However yesterday I drove a 2a 14a which highlighted a few issues with mine. Mine is missing a huge chunk of midrange, actually when I think about it it's not performing across the entire rev range...
  17. H

    Consult cable and software required asap ***ESSEX AREA***

    I lent my Laptop and consult cable to someone a long time ago and I'm concerned i won't get it back before this weekend when ill be changing my engine. does anyone in the Essex area have a Lappy/software and cable i can borrow for a few days?
  18. A

    S15 battery harness

    Never mind.
  19. QONAGO

    FS: Sr20det engine for sale

    Hi there guys, I have SR20DET engine for sale, there is 89k mileage, and it was in good working condition. price would be 1300 gbp plus shipping. Here`s some photos. Cheers.
  20. Suspect

    FS: Sr20det plus other parts for sale

    Selling a few bits off my S15 as listed below as I have no need for them now. Alternator - £20 plus postage Bracket incuded Water neck temp sensor adapter - £50 Turbo elbow - £20 One snapped stud but in rest is fine VAG conversion kit for S15 - £100 Includes coil pack I believe one if...