1. japgarage

    Time to eventually introduce myself and new project

    So here it is, I have bought a RB30 S15 which was owned by Evilchap. Have started a few mods to it since taking ownership like adjustable camber control arms, turbo timer, new oil catch tank and engine bay tidy up (more of which to follow). Currently considering making it a Stoker'd RB30. Here...
  2. L

    new s15 owner from herts

    hey new s15 owner here, had a couple of 14a's in the past so also been on sxoc and on dw, re-shelling my last 14a into a spec-s with a fresh engine build along the way. thought id better sign up here seeing as theres going to be bits i want and bits to sell along the way too :)
  3. eiden88

    WTB: Uncut specR engine loom

    As per title, looking for an uncut, good condition engine loom. must be from a specR as I don't feel comfortable with using an adapted specS loom. might be interested in coilpacks and cam angle sensor too cheers
  4. spoonman

    Oil leak through bolts,

    Ive had a oil leak for a while now and have replaced the crank seal twice thinking it was that, but after giving it another degrease i watched it on the first start up since and noticed oil and a few small bubbles coming out from around the bolts. i thought it might of been the where the bolts...
  5. JaseYpk

    Big turbo = big power?

    Ok, this 'ere graph is one i robbed off rhd japan. I was aimlessly browsing and came across the Yashio YP turbo.. and on the top of this graph its got the engine specs, the boost, and the power outputs.. (1st image low boost, 2nd image 1.5bar) I was under the impression with only the basic mods...
  6. A

    s15 loom to s14 non vvt engine ?? much changes to wiring needed

    hi lads engine went in my car so picked up 2.1 hks sr20det s14 non vvt engine only rebuilt . i want to fit this straight in and and keep the s15 loom . does anyone know what changes have to be done ? any help appreciated . thanks
  7. oilman

    Massive savings on top products @ Opie Oils

    For the whole of December we have a huge range of offers on top brand products...... View ALL OUR CURRENT OFFERS HERE > > > > > Plus.... We also have huge reductions on our oilman's Super 6 Castrol Magnatec 5w-30 A1 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 4L NOW £24.33 - 1L NOW £7.58 Shell Helix...
  8. M

    HPI Engine Torque Damper for S14

    Hi everyone, :wave: Due to a cancellation of an order, we have an HPI engine torque damper available. It is for the S14/S15. There is a photo up on our Facebook page at the moment. I can deliver next day in the UK for £155. EU wide I can deliver on a courier road service for £170...
  9. vinnie

    Vinnie's Spec R Project

    Hey sorry i have not started one of these. Its been just over a year sine i got my S15. Brief history, my mate owns a garage in Japan and so i contacted him in regards to a Silvia. I didn't have the money to get a spec r so i got a spec s instead. It had only one owner and a non-smoker...
  10. JaseYpk

    S15 SUBMARINE!!! (Another bad idea from Jase..)

    Ok, so i had to use the word 'submarine' otherwise you wouldnt have read this. This is kind of like my blog of all the (stupid) things that happen with my car.. hahaha And this is the latest and so far, greatest (potential Cat A write off).. So, to set the scene, there had been adverse weather...