1. oilman

    Got a performance diesel?

    In Europe, Mercedes, BMW, VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda and General Motors all choose FUCHS products as factory fill for their prestigious cars. FUCHS engine oils meet the latest and most demanding specifications set. At the pinnacle of their synthetic oils, they offer the Fuchs Titan Race Pro range and...
  2. S

    FS: Denso (SARD) 550cc injectors sr20det and nismo engine mounts

    Removed from my s14, fully working just upgraded to 740's. Part number 195500-2240 Was running 360hp when fitted Comes with stock fuel rail £150 posted Nismo engine mounts £65 posted
  3. K

    FS: S15 SR20det complete drop in package

    I am selling the complete drop-in engine package from my s15 as I am planning on going rb. Included in the sale will be everything I can to leave it as a full conversion. The car was imported last year from japan and I am the first owner here. It has 66k km's atm and I think I only put 6k on it...
  4. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Engine Light and gear changes

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Couple of questions that are not related to each other. Two birds with one stone and all that :p Question 1 I pretty sure this is down to the cold weather but i suppose i want to try to clarify exactly what it is that does this. Recently, everytime i turn the car on, i...
  5. A

    Oil pressure problem S15 Spec-S

    Hey mates, I think I've got a problem regarding to my oil pressure, maybe you had the same problem and can tell me, what to do or where the problem is. :) I regularly drive the car just for 4 or 5 km's to work and back. Whille normal driving (when the oil is warm), the oil pressure is around...
  6. L

    Quick Question regarding top mount setups and engine torque dampers

    Hi all, Anyone know if you can run a engine torque damper with a top mount setup? Thanks Liam
  7. S

    FS: S15 sr20det engine

    For sale i have a very good condition Sr20det from an s15 which is fitted in my s14, it has an s14 rocker cover so i can run s14 coilpacks. The engine was bought complete with new pistons, rods, springs and valves, 264 cams, and also new oil pump and water pump. i do not have the proof of this...
  8. D

    FS: Genuine nissan sr20det black top VVT Full engine rebuild gasket kit S15 S14 S14a

    Full Genuine Nissan engine rebuild gasket kit for SR20DET black top VVT engine S15 S14a S14 Kit contains Head Gasket Rocker cover gaskets Intake and exhaust Valve stem seals Front and rear Crankshaft seals Intake manifold upper and lower gaskets Injector o-rings Throttle body gasket Exhaust...
  9. A

    Intermittant electrical problems when starting the engine.

    So I have the key turned to ACC & everything electrics wise is fine, I start the car & all the radio/boost controller screen etc goes off while it starts & then the radio etc comes back on. But sometimes the little boost controller screen just says ERROR & beeps continuously or occasionally...
  10. S

    S15 engine swap wiring help.

    So basically I've owned an s15 spec s for a year or so now and have decided to swap an sr20det engine into it. I have the sr20de engine out. I just need to sort the wiring out before I can drop the sr20det engine in. It's my first engine swap and I'm not too clued up on the wiring side of...
  11. M

    Yellow 15 engine bays! need ideas!

    go! give me some inspiration :D
  12. A

    New S15 Aero Owner (fresh imported, PIC HEAVY)

    Hi guys and girls I am completely new to the S-Chassis scene, but let me introduce myself at first: My name is Andy, I´m 28 and live in the northern part of Germany. I am a Supra owner for five years and this was my first car love at the age of six. This is my one owner Euro-spec supra...
  13. Barnesy

    WTB: RB26DETT & RB25/GTT gearbox

    Hi guys, I know this is an S-Chassis forum but I was wondering if people could keep their ears to the ground. I'm looking to do an RB swap to the car but need to source an engine & gearbox. If anyone has any mate looking to get rid or know of anyone/any companies that are advertising them...
  14. S

    WTB: s15 sr20det complete setup...

    I currently have an extremely good condition spec s and I'm currently looking for an s15 spec r engine to swap in. I'm not fussed about the transmission as it's a 5 speed manual already. Ideally the engine will have all the ancillaries including loom, ecu, turbo, manifold etc... The reason I'm...
  15. N80Jamie

    FS: Blue S15 Spec R Aero

    2001 Nissan Silvia Spec R - Aero £10,495 Genuine reason for sale; expensive career change forces the sale of my weekend toy and my daily driver, this being the first to go! I am the first true owner in the UK (excluding importer). I have the auction grade sheet from when it was imported in...
  16. phillll

    My Pearl White s15

    Not created a thread yet as I was waiting for more bits to happen, so here's the story so far. Grade 4B in lovely pearl white. Imported by Torque GT in October 14. I'm the first owner and traded in my EP3 type r against it. Absolutely love it so far. It's my first RWD car and my first turbo car...
  17. S

    Where is the engine ground?

    I'm suffering from possible grounding issues to the ECU and from the S15 service manual it grounds to the engine ground F37. Where actually is that though as the diagram isn't that clear and I can't see anything obvious on the engine!!
  18. S15Cro

    URGENT FMIC Question!!

    Hi, When ordering a FMIC, are they engine or chassis specific? I just ordered a Blitz FMIC from Japan to fit the S15 but i'm pooing myself that I ordered the wrong on!! :annoyed: Basically: Engine --> 180sx Blacktop (Non-VVT) SR20DET Chassis --> Silvia S15 (With aero that I want cutting to a...
  19. S

    Soul's Mazworx Topmount S15

    Been wrestling with changing my car for quite some time now, and finally settled on getting an S15. Long trip up to Telford and came back with something I thought was a little bit special. A lot of mods, including a Mazworx topmounted GTX3076R. Engine only has 900 miles on it after the...
  20. Jay-pan

    FS: Parts...

    1)SR20DET engine 90k from an S14, engine with cams, 1.1mm apexi gasket,Apr head studs,sump, flywheel. was removed from my car as it had low compression (100,95,100,115) no excess oil use or water no smoke. offers collected. 2) engine mounts two sets first set were removed and are solid...