1. Adam L

    FS: Genuine Tial 38mm external wastegate

    This was off my GT35R turbo kit from my old Evo. genuine part, in used condition. £120 posted
  2. Adam L

    FS: Evo 8 FQ400 turbo kit

    I know a few people have had Evo's on here, or might have friends with them on here. I've got an Evo 8 FQ400 turbo kit that will bolt on as a direct replacement on any Evo from 4-9. I bought this to get me out of trouble about two years ago as a good kit, but once it arrived I took it apart to...
  3. Adam L

    FS: Evo VIII GSR import 500bhp +

    Hi, this is my Evo VIII imported GSR which I've owned for nearly two years. It was previously owned by Gaz at CPP and then sold to one of his customers, who I bought it from. It's had a lot of money spent on it and the spec should reflect this, I have receipts for everything I've purchased for...
  4. K

    First time Nissan owner from Sweden

    Well now when I'm new here I think I have to introduce my self. 31 years old from Sweden. And in love Japanese cars and Japanese culture. The two latest cars have been. Honda Integra Type-R DC5 and a Mitsubishi Evo 9. Not so good at this but I can show some pictures of my latest cars. And my...
  5. Sims77

    FS: Mitsubishi | Evo 8MR FQ-320 | 04/54 | Gun Metal Grey | 64500 | £10850

    2004/54 Evo 8 FQ320 MR #136 64500 miles Tax 31 July 2014 MOT 15 July 2014 Gunmetal Grey Service History North Staffordshire My 2nd Evo; my previous MR which was written off, back in May 2013. Had this car since June 2013. Only done 3500 miles in the past 8 months. Will increase ever so...
  6. Misiek_lbn

    Hello from Horsham, white s15 spec S

    Hi everybody, after having 2 s14a was time to buy something newer and there was no other option(except Evo 7 ...:D )as s15 :) Didn't want to buy spec R cause want to try tune diffenent engine than SR20 so just need to save bit money and swap sometning more interesting :cool: For now just...
  7. Sims77

    Tyre recommendations

    I've had a look but I can't see any thread about them. What do you guys recommend? I've got Federal 595 Evo on mine at the minute but they're terrible! The were imported with the car and in the wet they're dangerous.
  8. I

    FS: New Evo Brembo 345mm disc kit + professionally refurbished Evo Brembo calipers

    ALL SOLD DB power Evo Brembo 345mm disc kit, new unused with Brembo discs This kit uses super light but Mahoosive Evo Brembo calipers with huuuge Evo pads, much better than stock caliper kit tbh I'd personally always buy plain discs regardless of price hence why I bought this with plain...

    Anyone know the guy in Gloucester

    With the white S15 Think his names James, seen him around a couple of times but im always in the Evo not the S15
  10. Mark_D

    FS: Sparco Evo 2 Plus bucket seat

    Sparco Evo 2 Plus bucket seat, side mount Fits taller people and allows for a slightly bigger waist, not XL size though! Very comfortable! Very very good condition £200
  11. LeeSpecR

    Noob an ex EVO 9 owner looking for a spec r

    Hi all. my names lee,I'm 26 from surrey. im looking to buy a nice spec r with around £10,500.i had a 2006 EVO 9 GT with 400bhp and 420lbsft which I sold a few weeks ago to be sensible but I have given in and apart from another Evo a spec r is about the only car I want to own! i was a member...
  12. Mike

    WTB: Recaro Seats

    Grabbed a pair of rails so after some seats for my 15. EP3, DC2, DC5, Speed, Evo models. All considered depending on condition, colour and bolsters. Thanks. :thumbs:
  13. superK

    FS: Evo 7 Recaros with rails for sale

    I have a set of evo 7 seats and rails, taken out of an r32, one bracket needs moving to fit into an s15, I will get better photos tomorrow, looking for €260 ovno, based in Kildare, Ireland. Thanks.
  14. S

    FS: Evo V, low miles :)

    After a 2 years of ownership I have decided it is time for a change and so I have my Evo V for sale. I have bought a s15 and am being hassled to get rid of one of my 4 cars so the evo needs to go This was purchased from SVA march '10 as a fresh import. I am the first UK registered owner. It...
  15. Mark_D

    FS: Sparco Evo 2 Plus Seat - New

    Only just got this to go into my S14, change of plan - may consider a swap with an S14 standard cloth seat + money my way For sale is a Brand New 'Sparco Evo 2 Plus' seat. Its never even seen the car yet. FIA is out of date but still a brand new seat, its still in the original plastic...
  16. M

    My S15 project

    Been posting here a few weeks and just realised I have no progress topic up! Coming from a 380bhp evo 8 mr I can honestly say i've had more fun in this over the past few days than the whole time I owned the evo! Being bored of safe 4wd predictability, and wanting to build an outrageous car...
  17. S

    Advice please

    im strugglin to get rid of my megane 225 so i can get an s15 and i have had an offer for a swap for a evo 6 should i? then sell the evo or swap for s15 :confused:
  18. M

    FS: 4 defi guages and controller2 unit

    hi guys, bought these from a friend of a friend locally, originally fitted in an evo. these were to be fitted to my rx7 but there has been a change of plan and that is being broken down and sold as parts after the new year when its mot runs out, i have a new project on the horizon :) Oil...
  19. Mike

    Hi everyone,

    Hello everybody, Im Mike from Somerset, UK, I'm in the market for a S15 soonish, always fancied one, loves the lines of the car, not to mention being a big fan of anything JDM, and with the exclusivity you get with the Silvia I think the S15 is for me. Ive read most of the buying guides and FAQ...
  20. Andyw

    My S15 + Girlfriends Evo 5 + an Evo 4!

    Well had a clean of my S15 ready for its first pics outside with its new wheels on Also have girlfriends new Evo 5 first piccys and, just for good measure, girlfriends brothers Evo 4 made an appearance too! enjoy;